29 December 2008

Linda got her driving license about two years ago. Recently she replaced her old probation license with a new full license. Within that two years she only drove the car like 3 times or so. It's all my fault really. I didn't give her much chance to drive the car and I kept procrastinating on guiding her. Her friends who got their licenses much later than her can drive everywhere right now.
So starting from now I'm going to refresh her memory on how to drive again. This morning we went to the pasar malam site in Serdang and I let her drive around the parking lot for an hour or so. Only after a few heart attacks and stalled engines later that we went home. For someone who hasn't drive in two years, I think she's quite okaylah. Her driving is quite good but she really need to practice on parking and reversing. Don't worry dear, you'll be driving like Lewis Hamilton in no time.

Psst, don't tell my Mom we borrowed her car for this driving lesson.