18 December 2008

Today Adam Farihin bin Mohd Afif turns exactly 4 years old. Being the great dad as I am, I took the day off to celebrate it with him (and also to send my 9 months old to clinic for monthly check-up).
The check-up took a long time (as usual) so we didn't finish until about mid-day. We left Mia Ariana at home with his aunt and head on to Alamanda in Putrajaya.
Lunch was on me. We had the long-awaited prosperity burgers while Adam had his usual Happy Meal. The secret is in the Campbell black paper sauce. You cannot buy that sauce off the shelf anywhere. After 4 years working part time at McDonalds, I knew all the recipes by heart but I cannot cook most of the food sold there at home simply because the ingredients is not sold anywhere. They buy it straight from the manufacturer. Large prosperity burger meal: RM15.00.
Then we head to Carrefour meaning to get Adam a tricycle. We waited forever at the bicycle section but the sales assistant never showed. We asked some of the staff wearing 'May I help you' vest but they were hopeless. In the end we left Carrefour and Alamanda minus the tricycle, seething inside. Carrefour, you suck! No point paying millions for all those ads and reality show when you can't even hire a proper staff for your store. Bleh.

Tough luck son. Maybe some other time okay?
Nevertheless we did bought him his birthday cake, a delicious coffee tiramisu cake with free candles (yay!). I know they're not as good as Rin's but for 39 ringgit, they're alright lah.

We wanted to take you to that huge playground at Taman bukit Jalil but since you're still scratching here and there, we decided against it. Sorry I did make your birthday much more exciting with party and stuff. We do love you very much, you know that right?


  1. heyy.. poor thing... so adam, hv u got ur tricycle now? can have race wif nana (gosh, i think nana oredy missed adam coz she kept telling me 'adam wasn't at school today mama')

    i went thru the same experience at carrefour. we didnt manage to get our desired tricycle. after waited so long, even their staff turn up, they just hopeless!

  2. Adam is going to a new school next year lor, you should come and join us!