20 December 2008

For those who missed our Mia Ariana (i.e my in laws), here's a little update.
Mia is 9 months now. She can sit upright on the floor (see pic) and definitely can stand up although only for a few seconds without holding on to anything. Assisted, she can walk everywhere. We can put her in her walker but she would only last 10 minutes top in there without crying.

She's got much more hair now and she can vaguely call her dad (first) and mom. That's babah, papa and mama. I don't exactly like it when she call me babah (do I look like Pak Lah to you?). She also loves to climb up the stairs when nobody's watching and would cry out loud when we frantically bring her down. I know, we need a child's gate.

She's had her solid food for some time now, usually blended rice and Rusk cookies. Not potatoes though (does KFC mashed potatoes count?). She would wake up around 7 every morning right before we leave for work. She's a good girl, rarely cries except when she's hungry or needed a diaper change or whenever his brother strangles her.

She started to recognize her family members now and she'd sometimes cry when strangers hold her. And she can clap her hands and copy whatever her mom thought her.

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