28 August 2001

Mom went to Sabah again. Stopped by here on her way home.

19 August 2001


Andainya dunia penuh dengan kegembiraan
Pasti ada yang suka dengan kesedihan
Andai semua impian tercapai
Pasti kesyukuran tidak dirasai
Setiap apa yang terjadi ada rahmatnya
Semoga kita tabah menghadapi dugaanNya


15 August 2001

Greatest love of all

Life goes on. Problems come and go. Perpetually broke. They seemed to be endless. One after another problem arise from my bike. Perhaps all second hand bike owners suffer this fate. Up until now, I think I have spent over 400 ringgit for WFC 2033. This month alone, 90% of my income was spent on her. Strangely enough, my love towards that bike grew and blossom with every cent spent. Linda even advised me to sell it. As if that's gonna happen, ever. I was a little upset at first but the longer I thought about it, it was not a bad idea at all. So I went to the same shop that I bought the bike this afternoon meaning to swap WFC with a Yamaha 125Z, second hand of course. To my despair, it was virtually impossible. He said I would get only half of my payment and my 3 months instalment will be gone with the wind. So guess I'll be stuck with my RR for a while.

Linda was awfully nice to me all this while. Even lend me her money twice when I relate to her my troubles. This despite the fact that she barely earn enough for herself. For these past few weeks, we've been going out together quite a lot, Mines Shopping Fair, Bukit Jalil stadium, Mid Valley, Pertama complex, Chow Kit and so on. She hardly hesitate every time I asked her out. And she didn't mind whether we're going by train, cab or my bike. Not to mention the times she bought me breakfast, lunch and dinner. I'm shameless, I know. No girl had been so generous and kind towards me before. I was completely overwhelmed. I truly love her with all my heart (and not just because she bought me lunch). I shall love her and take care of her no matter what. For as long as she loves me. Let us pray. Amen.