29 September 2011

Did you know there's a new Internet service for your smartphone provided by Celcom? It's called Mobile Internet and it's open for any Celcom postpaid subscribers. And guess what? I registered myself for one today! Okay this is a big deal because from now on I don't have to carry my old but trusty MiFi device anywhere again. This device is already small but still if you put it in your pocket, you cannot help but notice the weight and the bulge it makes. Not to mention the heat while it's operating.

So Celcom's Mobile Internet is like God-send for Internet junkies like me. I can now tweet and facebook and read my email anywhere, anytime. The package starts from RM28 a month for 384kb of data, 38 ringgit for 1GB and up to 5GB for 88 ringgit a month. Like me, I subscribed to the RM20 Exec plan so in total only pay RM48 a month. Brilliant. It's a win-win situation for everybody. Celcom got their money and I got my mobile Internet. To find out more about Mobile Internet checkout their website here. If you already have a Celcom postpaid line, just go to the nearest Celcom branch to register your Mobile Internet package.

Now, anyone interested to buy my trust D-Link MiFi? You can use it as a WiFi access point anywhere by just inserting your broadband SIM card in it. Contact me if you're interested. Going price starts from RM380, negotiable of course.

28 September 2011

My reason to wake up and go to work every morning.

27 September 2011

Accidents do happen. Especially on your pay day. I blame the divider. This left me 170 ringgit poorer.

1 September 2011

Today we went frolicking in Rantau Panjang doing some shopping. The road to Pasir Mas was bumper to bumper but after getting myself that nice yellow Malaysian track top, it's all but  worth it.

Today is also my mother in law's 51st birthday. Thanks to Facebook I can get up to date with everybody's birthday especially my family. Linda's mom is the best mother in law that you could ask for. She's been really nice to me, went to great length to help me, my wife and kids and make my stay feel so comfortable. And I'm not saying this just because my wife reads my blog. Happy birthday mother.