3 August 2014

There's only two hair style that I usually have - short cropped (bald) hair or really-really long hair. For the past 20 months or so I've been keeping my hair long. And it's been growing nicely and bushy since then. Some say I looked like David Luiz, others said Marouane Fellaini. I don't really care actually. I keep my hair not to please anyone but myself. Plus my company didn't seem to mind my hairstyle. Up until a few weeks ago though.

You see, my manager suddenly sent me an email telling me to do 'something' about my hair. I don't know whether it's an official order from the management or she simply doesn't like my hairstyle. I've got the suspicion it's the latter. Anyway, I decided to ignore her for a while until we got into a meeting one day and again she told me nicely to 'fix' my hair. I don't know what she really mean, cut my hair a little maybe? I've got a good mind to just ignore her entirely and go about with my business as usual, torturing her in the process. But since she is my superior and she did gave me a 2.5 months bonus last time for my excellent work, I don't have the heart to aggravate her much further.

So a few days before my Raya break, I went to a saloon and get my hair fixed. Fixed as in I did a rebonding on my hair. 2 hours and RM150 later my hair is a straight as those shampoo models. Last time I rebonded my hair was exactly 10 years ago before I got married. If you see my wedding photo, you'll find out how funky I looked like with my long hair and all.

The thing about rebonding is they don't last long. Eventually when my hair grows, they'll return back to it's former state. In the meantime I had to apply this serum oil thing to keep my hair straight. Plus I can't wash or get my hair wet as much as I like. It's so troublesome. That's the price you pay for beauty I guess.

My new straight hair looks great in the beginning. As you can see I looked pretty dashing in my Raya photo above. But the hair care is just too much for me. My scalp feels itchy all the time and whenever I scratch my hair I had to comb it again. I can't have as many sex as I went because that would require me to shower and wash my hair every time. Every time I wash my hair, I need to properly dry them with a hairdryer. Imagine the trouble. A week later whenever I wash my hair and dry it I started to look like Rosmah Mansur (oh the horror). Furthermore my head and face felt greasy because of the serum oil and I had to carry a comb everywhere. It's like my entire life and routine has changed because of this new hairstyle. That's not how I'd like to live my life. I wanna be free and not attached or depend on anything like combs and hair creams.

So today I decided to do the right thing and shave my head bald again. It was quick and surprisingly painless. Yes I was sorry to see my 20 months old hair gone at first but now I felt free and relieved even. No more hair care or shampoo or hair dryers. Maybe someday, 10 years from now I would keep my hair long again just for fun, who knows. For now I'm back to my other hairstyle which is bald and handsome.