31 December 2010

2 hours before the new decade. I am not going anywhere tonight. I am staying at home. At 30 years old, New Year, Merdeka or any other public celebration is already behind me. I'm too old for those kind of shht. Wishing New Year or anything is overrated. New Year resolution is lame. Just fricking do it already. Most of you never finished your previous resolutions anyway. It's been like that for what, 20 years already?

Wonder why I'm so moody and demotivated. Is it life? work? Liverpool FC? global warming?

30 December 2010

Early this morning we went out and stoped by My Mydin to buy a school shoe for Adam. Believe it or not, we couldn't find a shoe his size in the whole of Tesco Puchong last week. Lucky for us My Mydin opens as early 7:00 AM. After dropping off Mia and a quick breakfast at Thoiba we went straight to SK Taman Universiti. Before today we had no idea where Adam will be going to school next year. You see we submitted the transfer application form to that school last week. Somehow the teachers or the clerk at the school took their own sweet time to submit the application to the district education office. By the time they sent the application last Monday, we found out the 200 students quota for the new school has already been filled.

Lucky for me my Mom happens to be a deputy headmistress (Penolong Kanan) in a school in Serdang. She pulled some strings and called her buddies (and former colleagues) at SK Desaminium to get Adam admitted there. I can't thank her enough for her favor. Still we didn't find out until this morning that Adam had already been accepted there at the new school. So this morning instead of sending Adam through an orientation, we only had to pick up his text books from SK Taman Universiti. The queue was at least a hundred meters long but we're just glad that Adam get to go to a school very near to our place. After Taman Universiti we head on straight to SK Desaminium to check out the school and confirm Adam's name there. Sure enough Adam had been accepted to the school and his real orientation starts tomorrow. I'm just happy that this is all sorted out finally.

29 December 2010

There was tears of joy all over the country this evening as Malaysia has the AFF Suzuki cup for the first time after a 4-2 aggregate win over Indonesia. It's something considering we were never favorites at the beginning of the tournament. To be honest I don't harbor any hopes of the national team winning anything in any competitions. I guess we are so used to losing that winning would be the exception. Anyway congratulations to Malaysia and the national team. The PM even declared tomorrow as a public holiday after being coaxed in Twitter. Winning this Asean-level cup is good and all but defending it is another thing. Consistency is key. I will only true believe in the national team if we keep this up all the way to the highest level. Let's see if we can qualify for the Asian Cup next.

Meanwhile halfway around the world, Liverpool, yes the 'mighty' Reds lost again this time to bottom of the table Wolves. Right about this time I am not the least surprised who beats us anymore. Liverpool under Roy Hodgson can only be good enough for a mid-table team if not relegation dog-fight. Honestly I don't care anymore as long as that loser is our manager. I cringe at watching any Liverpool games these days. Mortified at the possibility of us losing again for the umpteenth time. I'd rather sleep than bother staying up late in the morning than watch us lose to some small clubs. Really, Liverpool has gone to the dogs.

28 December 2010

For this 5 months checkup we finally get to see the gender of our future family member.
And I am delighted to say that it looks likely to be a girl, again! Well, that's what the sonogram looks like anyway. We can only be sure in our upcoming check up or when she finally comes out. Now for a nice baby girl's name.

24 December

You know I don't believe in imaginary white-bearded old man or some rusty old lamps with magical properties. Still if I could be granted a couple of wishes right now, here's what they would be...

1. Woy Hodgson leaves Liverpool FC (by mutual consent of course) and replaced by none other than Rafa Benitez (or somebody better).

2. My company does a Petronas and give us 6 months bonus (amen!).

3. Apple accidentally sends me a 27" Core i7 iMac tomorrow.

4. Those Nigerian email scam that I occasionally get is like for real and I will recieve 2.5 million in my bank account soon.

23 December 2010

Yesterday evening I found of from Adam's nursery owner that today will be the last day for standard 1 registration at the SK Taman Desaminium school which is like around the corner from our place. Previously we have registered Adam at SK Taman Universiti because we heard the former school won't be open till later next year. So this morning we rushed to the school before going to work to work out the registration details. The clerk in charge told us to write down Adam's name and our home address and that's it. She told us to check back in a couple of days.

Later today my Mom called saying that I had to submit Adam's birth certificate, our IC copies, marriage certs, utilities bill, Puspakom inspection form, EA form and whatnot to the school because apparently our transfer request was rejected by the education dept because of the incomplete documents. WTH? Lucky for me my Mom knows this things. I spent the entire lunch time plus 30 more minutes waiting for the school office to open and submit the documents. Even then I don't know for sure whether Adam will be accepted to the new school.

Parenthood is though.

22 December 2010

After 25 days being part (which felt like eternity) we are finally reunited with my little precious kids today.

Mia looked like she gained some weight, perhaps she had a good time back home and maybe overfed as well. She stopped wearing diapers now, at least during the day which is a very good news for us. Think of all the diapers we would save. Adam, well Adam is still Adam. Still playing a lot of games, computer, Facebook. He got a new tricycle scooter from his Atuk and Matok for his birthday. Still demand his very special birthday present from his Mom. Welcome back kids, we missed you.

17 December 2010

Today my colleagues and I worked together to clean the office, you know the usual stuff, throw away unwanted things and paint the wall here and there. Some people say my company is cheap and these are a job for cleaners and certainly not suitable for someone who studied like crazy for 3 years to get their 1st degree. They've got a point there. If my wife's company were to do something like this, their union will be up in arms threatening legal action to protect their fellow employees from such nonsense.

For me, I think this "reciprocal assistance" or gotong-royong thing helps to build a sense of belonging and camaraderie among the staff. Why waste money outsourcing the job to someone else when we can do it all by ourselves? It's not that big of deal anyway. Don't we all like clean our own homes once a month at least? Today we can see who's really hardworking and who's the lazy slob. Besides we are only a small company of 50 and we don't have any unions yet.

16 December 2010

If you haven't notice, I gained a few kilos recently. Some say I had a really good appetite while I myself believed it was because of lack of exercise. Lucky for me I found this new hot exercise cum diet regime called the Kangoo diet. This diet is really simple and easy to follow. You just have to make sure the air conditioning unit of your vehicle is broken and don't fix it, that's all.

When you drive around in your car especially in the afternoon, the temperature inside your car will become really hot and you will sweat it out like a fig. Meanwhile in rainy weathers, you still need to wind up the window or else you may get really wet. When you do this, the temperature inside will get really hot as well and again you will sweat like you're in a sauna except that this one is free. All this sweating will eventually burn your calories and fat and in 2 weeks you may lose up to 3 kilos easily. And the best part is you don't have to spend a penny or lift a finger! All you need is window up and air conditioner down!

Testimony from a satisied customer:

I tried the Kangoo diet  yesterday and it worked like a charm! I almost loss 500 grams just by driving 45 minutes to Puncak Alam. Just make sure you don't follow any garbage trucks cause boy they do stink!

 -Rizal Isamil, Seri Kembangan

15 December 2010

Yesterday a French man came to my office to promote something, a product or service. When it was time for him to leave, he tried calling a cab but after 20 minutes no cabs arrived (or wanted to come). So I offered to take him to the taxi stand in Equine Park knowing that there's always a couple of taxi drivers hanging around there. When we arrived, all 7 taxi drivers refused to take him where he's going - Jalan Maarof in Bangsar. Exasperated he said back in France you cannot refuse to take a passenger or they will revoke your license. Sorry to say monsieur Herve but taxi drivers in Malaysia can get away with pretty much anything. They can refuse to pick you up, send you anywhere they don't want to and especially refuse to use the meter and rip you off at every chance. The law is there but the enforcement s severely lacking.
In the end I offered to drop him off at the Serdang train station where I told him to take a train to Mid Valley. In Mid Valley he should have no problem getting a cab to Bangsar. Was I embarassed by the whole incident? Of course! But then sadly that's the norm here. We are still light years away from being a developed country judging by the attitudes of some of us. I'd like to say not all taxi drivers are like this but I know I can't. Most of them would do exactly the same. But you can't really blame them because everybody knows how bad traffic is at 6:30 in the evening in downtown KL. One would be crazy to head on there at that time for no concrete reason, taxi drivers included. Au revoir monsieur Herve. I Hope you won't bad mouth us too much when you get home. Most Malaysians are not that terrible but taxi drivers here, they're the exception.

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10 October 2010

Hi friends! It's that time of year again to report my not-so-interesting academic achievements! Does anybody cares? Maybe. Well, to summarize my grades gone down a bit compared to last semester. For semester 3 I got 3.48 down from a high of 3.82 last semester. I must admit that this time it's a lot tougher than the 2 previous semesters.

The lecturer for English for Academic Purposes for example is one of the most fussiest and strict English lecturers I've ever learned with. Her attention to detail and standard is unbelievable. Our essays and assignments must be impeccable and outstanding and just ordinary would not do. I don't remember the last time I got anything other than A for an English subject but this time I got B+. I seriously think I'd had a better chance getting an A studying under Shakespeare than her. Human Communication in Information Agencies meanwhile is all theories and unless I had a photographic memory, it would be humanly impossible to remember all 9 chapters. Plus the lecturer didn't exactly give us a lot of clue or hints what might come in the final paper which is a killer paper by the way. I actually spent the 3 whole hours in the exam hall cracking my brain and yet I got just a B.

The other 2 subjects were okay although I'm quite surprised that I managed to clinch an A for Islamic Information Management. Management of Internet Resources which delves with HTML, CSS and creating a website is right up my alley so there's no surprises there. Okay enough about last semester. Registration is opening now and I must challenge myself to do much better next year.

8 September 2010

Monday I had a cold, a common cold - nothing serious. That morning I went to a site office to replace my colleague whose on leave. There I had to sit right beneath the air coniditoner unit and there's now way I can control the temperature. By evening I was hot all over and my cold had turned into a full-blown fever.

So yesterday I went to a local panel clinic nearby and the doctor found my temperature was a warm 39 degrees. He gave me a jab on the butt, half a dozen of pills and a day off tomorrow. But after leaving the clinic I was 57 ringgit poorer. WTF, 57 RM? Next time I'd rather queue and suffer for 3 hours at a government clinic than waste my money there ever again!

3 December 2010

Steve Jobs must personally thank me because I just made him even more richer yesterday.
After weeks of saving up and doing evening part time jobs, I managed to save up enough to buy my dream tablet computer. It didn't come easy I tell you, I even had to let go of my precious iPhone to afford this one. So is it worth it? Absolutely! Review coming next week.

2 December 2010

Imaginary no more :)

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