16 December 2010

If you haven't notice, I gained a few kilos recently. Some say I had a really good appetite while I myself believed it was because of lack of exercise. Lucky for me I found this new hot exercise cum diet regime called the Kangoo diet. This diet is really simple and easy to follow. You just have to make sure the air conditioning unit of your vehicle is broken and don't fix it, that's all.

When you drive around in your car especially in the afternoon, the temperature inside your car will become really hot and you will sweat it out like a fig. Meanwhile in rainy weathers, you still need to wind up the window or else you may get really wet. When you do this, the temperature inside will get really hot as well and again you will sweat like you're in a sauna except that this one is free. All this sweating will eventually burn your calories and fat and in 2 weeks you may lose up to 3 kilos easily. And the best part is you don't have to spend a penny or lift a finger! All you need is window up and air conditioner down!

Testimony from a satisied customer:

I tried the Kangoo diet  yesterday and it worked like a charm! I almost loss 500 grams just by driving 45 minutes to Puncak Alam. Just make sure you don't follow any garbage trucks cause boy they do stink!

 -Rizal Isamil, Seri Kembangan