29 December 2010

There was tears of joy all over the country this evening as Malaysia has the AFF Suzuki cup for the first time after a 4-2 aggregate win over Indonesia. It's something considering we were never favorites at the beginning of the tournament. To be honest I don't harbor any hopes of the national team winning anything in any competitions. I guess we are so used to losing that winning would be the exception. Anyway congratulations to Malaysia and the national team. The PM even declared tomorrow as a public holiday after being coaxed in Twitter. Winning this Asean-level cup is good and all but defending it is another thing. Consistency is key. I will only true believe in the national team if we keep this up all the way to the highest level. Let's see if we can qualify for the Asian Cup next.

Meanwhile halfway around the world, Liverpool, yes the 'mighty' Reds lost again this time to bottom of the table Wolves. Right about this time I am not the least surprised who beats us anymore. Liverpool under Roy Hodgson can only be good enough for a mid-table team if not relegation dog-fight. Honestly I don't care anymore as long as that loser is our manager. I cringe at watching any Liverpool games these days. Mortified at the possibility of us losing again for the umpteenth time. I'd rather sleep than bother staying up late in the morning than watch us lose to some small clubs. Really, Liverpool has gone to the dogs.