23 December 2010

Yesterday evening I found of from Adam's nursery owner that today will be the last day for standard 1 registration at the SK Taman Desaminium school which is like around the corner from our place. Previously we have registered Adam at SK Taman Universiti because we heard the former school won't be open till later next year. So this morning we rushed to the school before going to work to work out the registration details. The clerk in charge told us to write down Adam's name and our home address and that's it. She told us to check back in a couple of days.

Later today my Mom called saying that I had to submit Adam's birth certificate, our IC copies, marriage certs, utilities bill, Puspakom inspection form, EA form and whatnot to the school because apparently our transfer request was rejected by the education dept because of the incomplete documents. WTH? Lucky for me my Mom knows this things. I spent the entire lunch time plus 30 more minutes waiting for the school office to open and submit the documents. Even then I don't know for sure whether Adam will be accepted to the new school.

Parenthood is though.