21 January 1999

Just one class in the afternoon today. Later on Isa and I went to MidValley Megamall downtown. It was my second only visit there. The first time I went with Uncle Din & family but even then I only get to see Carrefour, not the entire complex. This time around we toured the entire place. One thing for sure this place is HUGE! This is probably the largest shopping complex I've ever been. My legs hurt when we finally got out.

Later in the evening I ran to the Serdang KTM station to catch the 10:30 train to JB. The cool thing about being a student is i get half price for this train ticket.

So Johore Bharu here I come! The train is expected to arrive at 5.45 a.m. I still can't get in touch with Shahir. Then again I think I can manage without him. It's not like I'm staying there for long. Tomorrow around this time, I'll be returning back to KL anyway.A few people will be very surprised to see me for sure. At the moment I'm having both these seats for myself. Maybe somebody will occupy this seat later on. Still a long way to go.

15 January 2000

2:45 AM
So little time, so much to do (hey that suspiciously sounds like a popular pop song!). Finally I've got me hands on a brand new hard disk. It's only 4.3GB but it costs a whooping RM375 here in Kelantan. I bet they cost much lower in KL but then I don't know when I'll be bringing it back here again. So 4.3GB it is. That'll do for now. I'm going mad without my computer. Now I can finally concentrate on my homepage. This one gonna be my masterpiece har har! I must do it quickly here cause I got like 2 days left of the holidays. I can do it in UPM but my other PC there is like super slow with 300MHz and 16MB of RAM. I mean nobody use a PC like that anymore.

11:45 PM
36 hours to go before departure. I bought the Drive Me Crazy vcd today (you know, go-fight-win). I haven't seen it yet but I hope the picture doesn't look so bad (or dark). I can't wait for the original version to come out. Why am I so crazy about this movie you might say? Well, go figure. At the moment I'm currently doing a movie marathon. 1 vcd done, 8 more to go. Random Hearts was absolutely dreadful but Cruel Intentions was quite interesting. I smoked a lot tonight. Oh well, I don't think nobody would give a damn if I died tonight anyway. Especially not her. Well nobody except Mom and grandma. And maybe my brother and sisters.