25 March 2017

If you have read my review of Sunway Lagoon, there’s a few behind the scene stories that I didn’t mention there. How did we get the tickets so cheap? My wife’s colleague knows someone who works at the ticketing office in Sunway Lagoon. He managed to secure us those special tickets which comes under the corporate account of a state government agency. Apparently they have special price for these agencies because they usually buy the tickets in bulk. The caveat was, we had to pay the full price in advance and only get the tickets a month later which was fine by me. A month goes by but we didn’t hear anything about the tickets. My wife asked her colleague a few times about this but she kept getting vague answers from the ticketing agent. Two weeks passed and we were getting increasingly restless with the whole deal. Could have we been duped by her friend and paid 250 ringgit for nothing?

Finally by the third week, we got the confirmation from the ticketing guy. There’s an opening to visit Sunway Lagoon with the discounted ticket on the 25th of this month so we agreed and confirmed the date. That’s the other catch, he can only produce one set of tickets per month. I don’t know how the system works but I don’t care as long as I got those cheap-ass tickets. By comparison, the normal ticket price for adults is RM120 and RM96 for children.

Another thing that I didn’t exactly tell you the truth about is the lunch. Guess how much we paid for lunch at the park that day? Zero, zilch, nothing, nada. When we called the ticketing guy (now I found out he’s an event manager) before entering the park, he said if you want to have lunch just give him a call. We really thought he was going to give as coupons or discount vouchers or something. So come lunch time, we peeked at one of the restaurants in the park and looked in dismay at the exorbitant prices. The cheapest meal we could find was 12 ringgit something and that was just some basic spaghetti. I was resigned to spending a fortune on those but my wife reminded me to call the event manager guy first. So I did and he asked what do we want to eat. Since we’re already in front of Lighthouse Bistro I said how about that one. Then he asked me to pass the phone to the restaurant manager and they talked for a minute and then the manager said I can order anything I want free of charge. The bill will go under the event manager’s account, no kidding. So we ordered some chicken rice, chicken wings, nuggets, fries and drinks. The restaurant manager also said if we’d like anything more just holler. I cannot believe my luck. From discount voucher to free lunch. I mean our lunch that afternoon should easily cost something around 60 - 70 ringgit. I can’t thank you the event manager enough. I don’t know whether it’s appropriate to mention his name here but to be on the safe side I won’t. But you know who you are and thank you so much!

I guess it was our lucky day. First we got the cheap-ass tickets and then the sumptuous free lunch. To be honest, I was about to get really pissed off when we had to wait more than a months for the tickets. We thought if we didn’t get the tickets by the 7th week, we’d cancel and ask for a refund. Needless to say, we wouldn’t have had that amazing yet affordable experience in Sunway Lagoon if we did. Thank you again A!