29 May 2000

Alhamdulillah. After waiting almost 7 months for a new tank for my bike I finally got it today. Although not brand new or perfect at least it's better than my current crooked tank. Yesterday also happens to be my last day working anytime any day at the store. After this I'll be working on weekends only. Of course I won't be working during the examination period. This semester is the no play-play semester. I've got H and the rest of my friends to impress, remember?

More than half of my housemate had returned here as of now. I felt good to be together again after a while. Right about now I'm feeling quite excited and also anxious all mixed together as I wait for tomorrow morning to arrive. My exam results will be out tomorrow but more importantly that would be the time I can lay my eyes on her again. Rumors has it that students with CGPA lower than 2.5 will have to attend a motivation session first before their result is released. If that's true I'm quite positive that I would be one of them. Sure I got 2.9 during my first semester but that was then. After I flunked a few subjects last time, my GPA must be at an all time low right now.

Other than that words on the street is our loan money might be in as well today. I hope that one is more reliable. I just wanna pay off all my debts which has amounted to RM1200.00 at the moment. One thing for sure though, my part time wages will be in later today. PF 768 here I come!

Wonder what she's doing right now.

24 May 2000

Went to watch Erin Brokovich with Jai the other day at Midvalley. It costs me a whooping 5 ringgit and I didn't even get to see the movie until it finishes. Halfway through the movie, it was already 7:25 PM and we decided to leave and pray first before time runs out. Call it dreadful timing.

So here I am sitting in the lab listening to some tunes over the Internet. Back home in Taman Desa Serdang I got the big house all to myself since everybody had gone back to their respective hometowns. So you see I'm like super-duper bored right now. Thank God for things such as this lab for keeping my sanity intact.

There's this Floor Manager at the store that I didn't like much. But last night he surprised us all by buying us supper after work. That's why my friends you can judge the burger by it's wrapper. Of course Tan still likes to order me around the store. But one time when I took home some Happy Meal toys, he just close one eye on me. Good old chap.

Still undecided whether I should go to Sungai Buloh today. Perhaps I shall go there later. Asta.

18 May 2000

Yesterday I arranged to meet Dad meaning to ask him for some support to replace some spare parts for my bike. Instead I found out he is now jobless, again. As the story goes, he started this new business venture with 2 of his former classmates. First the business started pretty well but soon his 'friends' got kinda greedy and forgot to pay my Dad his part of the profit. Some friends. Fortunately for him his computer EPF withdrawal money is finally in so he's like not totally broke or anything.

Later that night Ali told me my bike's spare parts is almost ready for collection. The good news is he managed to get them really cheap (wink-wink) so I only had to pay like 50 bucks. So in a week or so my bike will be getting some serious makeover and will look awesome again. Can't wait for that to happen. So now I suddenly got some extra cash in hand, I decided to use them on some new jeans. Maybe my dream of owning PF 768 may become a reality after all. Just have to keep my fingers crossed and pray that nothing bad happens until the end of the month. Amen.

14 May 2000

Sunday 11:04 AM

By the time you read this, I have arrived safe and sound here in Taman Desa Serdang. Here are the events of the past few days...

Wednesday evening.
Arrived at the KL railway station about half an hour before departure. I sat next to two strangers on the train this time but I was so tired, sleepy and hungry that I slept most of the time.

Thursday morning.
It's great to be able to listen to the Perfect 10 radio station again. As usual I took the two buses to Bukit Saujana. Sure enough, Rose and Aida were absolutely delighted to see me again and really surprised to see the new skinny me. After some greet and chat we decided to go downtown and our first stop was the newly finish JB City Square.

Thursday afternoon.
They two girls bought me lunch at Komtar. Then we visited Malaysia's premier counterfeit CD center at Holiday Plaza as requested by me. My visit to JB would not be complete without visiting that place. I bought myself a MP3 cd compilation for 5 ringgit. The prices has gone down since I my last visit some years back. By this time I only have RM5.00 in my pocket.

Thursday evening.
Aida and Rose also treated me to the movies. I could never pay for their generosity. We watched Mission to Mars which was quite good actually. At last it was time for as to part. I was literally speechless after all they have done for me. Rose just waved goodbye to me at the Bukit Saujana bus stop. Aida accompanied me all the way to the Larkin bus station, paying the bus fare for me along the way. Come to think of it, the girls paid for everything the whole time I was there. How embarrassing. From Larkin I took the bus home to Pasir Mas.

As you can see, the girls were super nice to me especially Aida. I'm sure she won't forget how I badly I treated her last time. In fact the last time we met I actually dumped her, over the phone. As cruel as that sound, it was for your own good. You deserve someone a lot better than me. Found out later there planned reunion was cancelled or something. Not that it matters much to me. I had such a good time in JB that it doesn't matter if I'm going to be bored to death at home soon anymore.

On my way back to Serdang I sat on the train next to this sweet UIA girls a few years my senior. So we talked about 2 hours or so about the weather, the sun and the moon, pretty much everything until I got tired of talking. Anyway I don't feel like talking to just about any girls right now especially after H. Later we parted ways at the Kajang station. I seriously thought she looked like she was about to wave me goodbye at the station. Maybe it was just a figment of my imagination. Oh what the heck, as I said before, I'm just not interested in girls right now (wow I can't believe I said that!).

Fortunately for me I didn't have to go to work until 4:00 PM. So I've got like a few hours to rest (sleep) until then. Bye-bye.

10 May 2000

12:59 AM
Yesterday was my day off, again. I think I had too many day off this month. That can only mean my wages at the end of the month will be so puny. I went to watch another movie, this time at IOI Mall Puchong together with Apai. Remind me not to let him choose another movie again. He chose to watch Revenge of the Bloody Komodo Dragon of all movies there. As I feared that movie sucked big time. Later we stop by Sunway Pyramid to shop some windows. Actually I wanted to see this Web Store by Intel which was nothing more than a glorified cyber cafe really. I'll be leaving for Johore Bharu tonight. Rose sounded very excited to hear me coming. She even applied for a day off just for me. Hmm.

8:23 PM
2 hours to go until the train departs. Actually I was still deliberating whether to go there or just go home but after hearing Rose' shriek of joy and laughter over the phone I quickly made up my mind to go after all. Naturally Mom and my family don't have a clue I'm going there. I don't intend to be bombarded with some awkward questions from them. So this is a secret between you, me and my housemates okay?

5 May 2000

Woke up yesterday morning feeling quite feverish and hot. Still I waited until about 15 minutes from my clock in time to call in sick for work. A lot of people must be disappointed with me today. Visited UPM Health Center meaning to get a sick leave but to my despair the place was closed for two days starting yesterday. So I went to Seri Serdang instead and rented a couple more VCDs. Then I rode straight to Sungai Buloh some 46 kilometers away to Uncle Dib's place. I needed to do my laundry real bad.

Later on I felt slightly better. Just finished watching The Cidar House Rules. For an oscar-winning film it was truly a snore-fest. Next I watched Next Best Thing. Suzie from Galaxie Magazine was correct about this one. This movie sucks, hard. Now I think I wasted some good money renting those junk. Just because they're oscar-nominated doesn't mean they're good. I won't be renting any more films in the near future.

My sister Lina was offered a job as a part time teacher back home in Kelantan. Good luck to you sis. I can never imagine myself being a teacher of any kind. Just the thought of it sends shiver down my spine.

My store manager granted me 3 days leave for next week. I am really looking forward to going home this time. Remember when I said I hated being home in Pasir Mas? I totally take that back now. The problem is whether I should detour to JB first since I only have 54 ringgit in my pocket. And forget about buying me a handphone. That looks like a distance dream right now.

Sazali (Ali) brought some asshole friend into my room tonight to watch some VCDs (probably porn). I didn't bother waiting so I decided to sleep downstairs instead. The time now is almost 4:00 AM and I'm supposed to get to work in about 4 houts. As you can see I'm having very little sleep nowadays.

4 May 2000

At last I finally found the battery charger, not at Midvalley but just 2 floors upstairs at Uda Ocean departmental store. Me and my buddy Azizan (Jai) had dinner at Marrybrown. The food is okay but still a long way from KFC. Then we went to Midvalley to catch a movie. I got this discount card which entitles me a buy one free one ticket so we only paid like one ticket tonight. While waiting for the movie to start, Jai suddenly treated me with McDonald's like he always does.

Tonight we watched Romie must die statting Jet Li and Aaliyah. I don't like Hong Kong movie much but this one is okaylah. Besides, it's made in Hollywood. With 18 screens, the GSC at Midvalley boasts being the larger cinema in Asia. I've never been anywhere much but one thing for sure, their popcorn is the best in town. Afterward I stopped by the video store to rent a VCD. I always wanted to see Girl, Interrupted and now I did. Angelina Jolie was awesome in this movie. She looked totally hot even with her hair short.

Okay this cold I'm having is officially a pain in the ass. I'm sneezing and blowing my nose like every 5 minutes. I'm thinking of getting a sick leave tomorrow but you know how it is with doctors. They'll just say I have a cold not a fever thus no M.C for me. They have no idea the suffering I had to go through everytime. Especially since I happens to catch a cold every month or so.

Well maybe I might just get better in the morning.

3 May 2000

Got my first wages from working here at McDonald's yesterday. Today could have been swell if not for this terrible cold I'm having. This is a product of riding in the pouring rain for 2 days straight. Can't wait for the new semester to begin. Then I'll only be working on weekends.

Took out my money from Maybank today. Ah the sweet smell of crispy new 50 ringgit notes. From the 400 hundred that I withdraw today, 150 goes out to Jai for fixing his bike that I utterly and completely destroyed in that accident. How I wish that never happened. Note to self: I still owe Jai another 50 bucks. That also means my dream of getting my first hand phone is disappearing by the minute. Perhaps I could still be a cheap one from Uncle Din.

Saw two new faces at the store today. The first was a new Floor Manager from goodness where and the other is a Crew Leader from Tun Perak store. She kept yakking about how nice her old store was and yet she asked to be transfered here. Duh. Still I must admit from the stories she told us, her old store sounds like paradise compared to ours. Whatever.

I went to Suria KLCC later on meaning to find a battery charger. Fancy that humongous 88 story building doesn't sell a single battery charger. I didn't hang around there for long and went straight home. God this runny nose and cold is really killing me. Tomorrow I'm thinking of visiting Midvalley Megamall. They did boast about being the largest mall in the Klang Valley. Surely they've got a bloody Ni-Cd battery charger somewhere.