31 July 2009

Here's a quick update for my dear readers, all 15000 of you.

Forgive me for not updating this blog for so long now. As usual I've been pretty occupied with work and family and life in general. Besides my life at the moment is as exciting as watching a paint dry, I can't think of anything noteworthy to write here. And also blame it on Facebook. It's very addictive and fun and cool I must have wasted all my precious blogging time there instead.

Yes those are just excuses, I know.

Anybody went to the J-Card Members Day at Jusco nearby yesterday? It's crazy packed with people and cars there yesterday. They even got Rela members deployed there to control traffic. And for the first time this year, we have a massive traffic jam in Equine Park. I don't know what's all the fuss about this J-Card day. Just because they give big discount on everything I must go there and buy something. For me, I don't buy stuff because it's on sale or because every body's doing it.

That said, my wife thought otherwise about this J-Card day madness. She simply had to go. So I dropped her about 500 meters from Jusco yesterday after work. We can't even get anywhere near Jusco yesterday. For once I can not complain because she did bought some clothes for the kids apart from herself and I even got myself a brand new t-shirt. About time too because since I lost weight, I need like an entire new range of wardrobe. I now wear XL sized clothes instead of XXL previously.

I have a real dilemma right now. Tomorrow we're (me+wife+the kids) supposed to attend this little high-tea function organized by some people from my wife's office. I don't usually do functions and gathering and stuff especially if it involves me spending money but I don't know what's got into me that day but I actually agreed to it.

The thing is, tomorrow is also the planned anti-ISA rally in KL so expect lots of road blocks and crazy traffic jam going into the city. Public transportation won't be much different either. I suspect all the buses and train and LRT would be jam-packed with people. So what should I do? Go ahead and get caught in the madness or stay at home and forfeit the 50 ringgit that we paid for? I'm still thinking long and hard about this as of now.

From what I've read, tomorrow's rally is going to be as huge as Bersih if not bigger. How I wish I can be part of history and join in ten and thousands of the crowd. But as spirited as I am with the opposition cause, I don't want to be an irresponsible husband and parent. If I join and should something happen to me, my family will go through a torrid time without me. The least I can do is to support this noble cause through my writings and at the ballot box.

That is just another excuse, I know. If I'm still single I won't even think twice about it.

So until tomorrow then.

25 July 2009

This weekend Adam followed his Grandma for a trip to Perak. My Mom organized this little trip for her school's children to Bukit Merah Lake Town Resort, Kuala Kangsar and also Taiping. Imagine Adam get to spend the weekend at a resort while I stayed home looking after Mia. So jealous already.

So it's been quiet around the house for a change. Nobody to fool around and bully Mia and do things that would make me scream on top of my lungs. It's not that I don't like having him around or something but I do appreciate the peace and tranquility that he left behind. Someday when you have children right about his age, you'll understand. Her mother on the other hand misses him so much already. Oh, he'll be back tomorrow anyway.

24 July 2009

A long time ago, Adam got this little Naruto card holder that came free with a Happy Meal that I purchased from him. It's nothing fancy, just a plain old card holder with a picture of Naruto on it's cover.

But to Adam, it's his laptop, portable TV, camera, mobile phone and an iPhone. Yes he has a lot of imagination and creativity.

19 July 2009

First class of the semester. There were slightly more guys than girls in my class today from a total of 27. I left all my moduls (text book) at home and I had to a peek at the guy and girl sitting next to me whenever I needed to refer to the book. Imagine my difficulty.

I wanted to sit up front this time around but since I arrived late, I had to settle for the usual back of the class spot. Next class, I simply had to come much-much earlier. An hour early at least. Made a few new friends in class today. Okay got to go now. This future librarian must study a bit for our next class on August 2nd. Yeah right.

18 July 2009

Today we visited our good friend Yusmani at her home in Putrajaya. We haven't got the chance to see her yet ever since she got her first child last year.

This is Irfan her 5 months old first born. His dad is hardly ever around because he works for the MACC (jeng jeng jeng!).

So this is life at a government quarters in Putrajaya like. Quiet nice. Don't mind living here with my own family someday.

17 July 2009

We have a new staff at work this week. Mrs Mas (might not be her real name) works as the head of AV department. The interesting is she's the only staff in this dept, therefore she is the head and she is also the tail ha ha!

Her job description includes helping to reduce global warming, brokering peace in the middle east, saving the jungles from deforestation, stopping the H1N1 epidemic and also overcoming the economic downturn. Everything except saving the world. That's MY job ehehe. Welcome aboard Mas. For the record, Ajak* is a real playboy so better stay away from him.

*Just kidding!

15 July 2009

You know the economy has recovered when my wife's employer can afford to pay their staff overtime again. Starting yesterday I shall be wearing the title of single dad again. At least for a few hours in the evening.

So it's back to the grind again, you know feeding, bathing, changing, keeping them occupied while keeping my sanity in place. Not that I mind much. Being a parent is a full time job. Unlike our lucky foreign maids, we don't get day offs. Well at least somebody will make something extra next month. That's good to know.

14 Jul 2009

I don't know why but Adam is always makingg it difficult for his parent and for himself every morning before he goes to his kindergarten lately. Sometimes he needs to be dragged from his bed to shower and prepare for school. He complains of being too sleepy or too cold to get up in the morning and many times he would cry just when we're about to drop him at his kindy for no apparent reason.

I hope there's nothing wrong with this son of mine and this is just a phase and he will soon get over it. I can't think of any reason why he doesn't like to go to school. He's got a bunch of close-knitted friends there at the kindergarten and he's grades had been above expectation so far. What's more, next year he might even start pre-school at a real school with almost school-like environment and I'd be really worried if he doesn't want to go there or something.

13 July 2009

Today is yet another one of our scheduled appointment for Mia with the Seri Kembangan community clinic. We left home early to avoid traffic and the possible long queue at the clinic. We successfully escaped both when our time at the clinic was no longer than an hour.

After dropping off Mia at her nursery we headed north to Mutiara Damansara for our special date, just the two of us. The haze is crazy bad today but that didn't stop us from going there anyway.

First stop - The Curve. This place has changed a lot since I last went there. For example there's a new McDonald's outlet in the mall which is about to open it's doors very soon. Who cares if another McDonald's restaurant is only a few feet away? We all love McDonald's round here.

Linda has got something special to buy and no amount of haze is going to stop us today. It's supposed to be very hush-hush but let me give you a hint: it rhymes with Bing and King. I know-I know, it's a tough one.

Next stop - IKEA of course. Haven't been here in a while too. The decorations and show rooms changed a little but everything else is essentially the same. Did you know that they will charge for every plastic bag you take? 20 or 30 cent a piece I think. Bloody cheapskate. Don't you try to hide behind that save-the-earth campaign thingy. Your plastic bags is perfectly bio-degradable so there's no harm done. And for the first time you can see Malaysians voluntarily bringing their very own shopping bags to save money.

We stopped by the IKEA restaurant for lunch. Had this whole chicken leg with lemon & herb sauce which is fantastic as always. Wifey had the usual 10 pieces Swedish meatball with fries.

In case you didn't notice, we both wore all-reds today. This is me wearing red and also full and happy after lunch. Ahem, excuse my poyo face.

This is Linda also wearing red, playing with the equally amazing iPhone.

While waiting in line to buy lunch, some guy in front of me was sneezing like crazy. Everybody quickly stepped away in a safe distance from him including me. But then, I was not so fortunate to queue right behind him so there's not much space between me and him. Bloody stupid idiot. You just have to go out today, in public with your condition. Some people just don't care about others. Maybe it's the haze (I hope), but my nose is not feeling so good right about now. So I drank about 3 cups of coffee this afternoon, hoping that this itchy feeling my nose is having will go away. It worked for a while at least.

We didn't buy anything from IKEA but bought some groceries from Tesco instead. I think this should be my last post here in bloggerland for a while. Believe it or not but I need a break to *drum roll, please* study! No, I'm not kidding. Seriously, my class starts next week and I haven't read anything both online and offline. If my future posts come few and far in between, you'll know why. So, until then. Au revoir!

12 July 2009

A long time ago when I first used the north-south highway when I was still a kid, I thought someday I'll stop by this overheard bridge and eat there. It's not like the food or drinks there tastes better, it's more for sentimental reasons.
Today 10 years later, I finally get to do that, together with my family some more which made it even more special. Some times it's these little things that make your life more meaningful.

11 July 2009

Aaaah nothing like the cool sea breeze gentling bellowing to your face while you enjoy some fine home-made spicy barbecue chicken while listening to Jason Mraz in the background, watching the coconut tree swaying gently, on a fine Saturday morning. Well all of that except for the Jason Mraz part. Jason Mraz and picnics and beaches is so cliché.
Actually I wanted to go to a different beach today because we've been to Teluk Batik like twice already? But since our host chose to crash here, we didn't have much choice. So Teluk Batik it is. Nice beach they've got here. Not as crowded as Port Dickson and there's ample public amenities for the visitors to use. Next time maybe we'll go to Pangkor island? Jom!

10 July 2009

How does it feels to be apart from your 1 year old children for a whole year? Wretched isn't it? Well that's how my sister in law felt when she had to be parted from her daughter because since she is doing her KPLI course.

Her mother looks after her youngest daughter in Kelantan while she finishes her 1 year course in Ipoh. And she has to leave her older daughter at a nursery while she goes to class everyday. Sometimes if we want to achieve something in life, we've got to make sacrifices, big or small.

9 July 2009

If you live around the Bandar Putra Permai/Equine Park area and you have a sudden pressing need to do some groceries in the middle of the night or early morning, there's this one 24 hour grocery store near the Esso gas station named AAA mini mart.

There's a lot of groceries to choose from and the best part is they don't charge exuberant rates like 7-Eleven or KK Super Mart.

6 July 2009

The guys at my office had been complaining a lot lately. Our Boss rarely go out of office anymore. Ever since he hired the new secretary, he'd been stuck in his room all the time. And we've been noticing a lot of irregular activities in the office lately too. Usually people will try to avoid the 2nd floor, new wing like a plague. Today you can see a lot more people visiting that wing, especially the male staff. Syawal the dispatch rarely goes out anymore. Haji Muzafar had stored his skullcap (kopiah). Mr Mazlan doesn't mind seeing the Boss everyday. Bro Din was spotted starring at the passport photo of some mysterious girl. Weird stuff.

I don't want to start a gossip here but I highly suspect it has something to do with Miss Nadia here. The 23 years old native of Parit Raja, Batu Pahat is a fresh graduate from UiTM and being the Boss' secretary is her first job ever. Rumours has it that she is still single but that doesn't mean she's available, right? Welcome to the company Nadia. Just ignore those silly and naughty boys especially Rizal Shari. And a word of advice, be extra careful with Mr Zeffri ha ha! If you need any help, you know my extension number :)

5 July 2009

Today I learned that running with my full 76 kilos on one foot is really a bad mistake. My right knee hurts after today's sports day event. Yes I got a few more tupperwares to my collection but it's definitely not worth the pain on the knee.

Check out this rare and exclusive picture of me with my best impersonation of Clark Kent. Okay knock yourself out people.

4 July 2009

Looks like Santa's got a new helper today. He will always bug me when I'm washing the car.

So instead letting him become a nuisance, I get him to help me a little instead ha ha ha (evil laugh).

2 July 2009

Music Of The Day
Zee Avi - Kantoi mp3

Semalam I call you, you tak answer
You kata you keluar pergi dinner
You kata you keluar dengan kawan you
But when I called Tommy he said it wasn't true

So I drove my car pergi Damansara
Tommy kata maybe you tengok bola
Tapi bila I sampai…you, you tak ada
Lagi la I jadi gila

So I called then called sampai you answer
You kata sorry sayang tadi tak dengar
My phone was on silent, I was at the gym
Tapi latar belakang suara perempuan lain

Sudahlah sayang, I don't believe you
I’ve always known that your words were never true
Why I’m with you?
I pun tak tahu
No wonder la my friend pun tak suka you

So I guess that's the end of our story
Akhir kata she accepted his apology
Tapi last-last kita dapat tahu she was cheating too
With her ex boyfriend best friend - Tommy

1 July 2009

30 Grand is buried here. Come to Papa baby! I'm so filling up at Shell from now until next month.

If I get this 30 grand, I'll buy all my friends nasi kerabu Kak Na for breakfast for a month!