6 July 2009

The guys at my office had been complaining a lot lately. Our Boss rarely go out of office anymore. Ever since he hired the new secretary, he'd been stuck in his room all the time. And we've been noticing a lot of irregular activities in the office lately too. Usually people will try to avoid the 2nd floor, new wing like a plague. Today you can see a lot more people visiting that wing, especially the male staff. Syawal the dispatch rarely goes out anymore. Haji Muzafar had stored his skullcap (kopiah). Mr Mazlan doesn't mind seeing the Boss everyday. Bro Din was spotted starring at the passport photo of some mysterious girl. Weird stuff.

I don't want to start a gossip here but I highly suspect it has something to do with Miss Nadia here. The 23 years old native of Parit Raja, Batu Pahat is a fresh graduate from UiTM and being the Boss' secretary is her first job ever. Rumours has it that she is still single but that doesn't mean she's available, right? Welcome to the company Nadia. Just ignore those silly and naughty boys especially Rizal Shari. And a word of advice, be extra careful with Mr Zeffri ha ha! If you need any help, you know my extension number :)