12 January 2015

After being delayed by the nationwide flood by almost 2 weeks, my number 2 finally started her first day at school today. Fortunately for us we were not affected in any way by the flood since we lived in Selangor so we were long ready for the new school season. Actually Mia went to an orientation season a week earlier to get accustomed with the school environment and also take an evaluation test. And since Mia had been to a kindergarten since she was 5, she had little problem adjusting to school life. Her mother did wait around for a while on the first day until school finishes. Check her out during recess on the second day and by the 3rd day she was already fine on her own. Besides, she has her big brother Adam Farihin to look after her (hopefully). Mia already made a few friends in 1 Cemerlang when asked. After school she went to religious school (Kafa) just like her brother. Back in my days I go home and sleep after school.

Now that both my kids are in the morning season, we had to wake up half an hour earlier at 5:30 am every weekdays you know, to prepare for stuff. My wife had to cook breakfast and lunch for everybody and I had to send the kids to school before leaving for work. The kids need to be at school before 7.10 am so I left home at around 6:30 and leave for work before 7:00. 30 minutes may not seem much but as you get older, every second of your precious sleep time counts! So kids, remember when you're older and wiser the sacrifice your parent made for your education and your future well being in general. Remember that every time you feel like talking back to your parent or getting pissed off over trivial matters. Your parent did more for your than you can ever pay back for.