31 December 2007

It's work as usual for me today despite being the last day of the year. Irwan and I went to Kinrara, Shah Alam and Puncak Alam today and punched out only after 6.30 in the evening.

No we didn't plan to go celebrate anywhere tonight. I stopped going to crowded places long time ago. Instead we made the sensible decision to stay at home and enjoy each other's company (wink-wink!). My dad and little step sister is in town today but I didn't get to meet them since Linda and I am working and we couldn't agree on a suitable time for all of us to meet and presumably celebrate new year together. Maybe tomorrow then.

Today was a kaleidescope of emotion from me. I was anxious, embarrassed, nervous, disappointed, sad and happy all in one day. It's amazing what a person could do to another. But then again we're only human after all.

27 December 2007

I don't like computer virus. Today Irwan and I go to do a technical support at a company near Changkat Raja Chulan in KL. Two computers was infected with viruses.

Cleaning Windows computer infected with viruses is the most boring and mundane task in my line of work. Sometimes I think they totally deserve it. Who told you to surf porn sites, download those stupid screen savers, use Internet Explorer in the first place? But then sometimes they're just a victim of the idiot who plug their virus infested USB drive into their pc. The point is we spent 4 freaking hours at that company today cleaning up viruses. Removing their expensive but totally useless antivirus software (TrendMicro, Norton), installing McAfee, update and scan for viruses in safe mode, cleaning up their start up programs with Crapcleaner, installing AVG Antispyware and scanning for spywares.

Today is the boss' birthday and we held a little party to celebrate.He talked about acquiring some multi-million contracts for next year and also about us receiving a grant from the Bill Gates foundation. Hey maybe he should consider giving me a raise now that we've got so much money?

Adam was super-duper naughty today. He played around with me pc, slam on the keyboard and refuses to follow me to pick up his mom at the train station. And when I drag him into the car he cried until he threw up on the back seat. Gawd, sometimes I think I'm gonna loose it. Having kid is a stressful, full time job man and I got another one coming in 4 months. Sigh.

In other news, Afif PLC was featured on two more sites. Fsdaily.com and StumbleUpon. Thanks people, you guys rock too!

p.s: Rina rocks too, take a peek into her daiLy fascinating life..

25 December 2007

The worst of my fever and cold was over today in fact I felt so much better as I'm writing this. Yesterday was like crap. My nose was runny all day long and I kept sneezing like hell. We dropped Adam at his baby sitter's house so that I can have a peaceful rest alone.

My mother, grandma, Faiz and Izni slept over last night. They've just arrived from Kelantan yesterday evening.

Today we went to a relatives' house in Taman Putra Perdana in Puchong. Uncle Din and family came over also so we had a little family get together there.

I wanna watch Miss USA on tv tonight but the mothership banned me from watching ha ha!

24 December 2007

I wake up today to hear this song playing over and over again in my head..

My immediate thoughts were for me Dad. Wonder how he's doing right now :(

22 December 2007

Tis the season to be sick. Adam is down with a cold, so is his Papa meanwhile Mama just recovered from a week long cold. Usually my cold with be gone with a pop of those magical tiny little yellow pills but they're just not enough this time. I guess all those nasty viruses had developed an immunity against them pills. I think I've popped about a dozen of them this past 5 days and it only worked for a while before the cold returns with a vengeance. So now Adam and I are still nursing our cold this time without Mama's TLC cause somebody made her go to work all this weekend.

It seems that I have evolved to have a super sensitive nose. I mean I can detect smells that some people can't seemed to detect like a gas leak, bad body odour, dandruff, smelly feet plus I can smell people's fart from miles away. I don't know how's that useful in my daily life though.I wish I had evolved into something cooler like flight or tissue regeneration or invisibility or something. That explains why I get the flu when it's too cold in the morning and whenever I'm around other sick people. My nose is really sensitive to the environment. Poor me. Now I can't do this, can't do that, go shopping bla bla bla.

21 December 2007

One thing I don't like about festive season in the city is all my regular stalls, food joints and restaurants are closed for days, weeks even.This Aidil Adha is no different. I ate breakfast at KFC again this morning since many of my regular joints are closed and I don't feel like eating mamak food again this week.While eating at KFC today I found this brilliant set of excuses if you ever run late for work on their placemat. See if you can use any of them! ;)

  • The roads changed over the weekend so I got lost
  • You mean, it's not a public holiday today?
  • My goldfish turned silver so I had to re-paint it
  • My little nephew came over yesterday and set my clock to UK's time zone
  • I helped my hamster give birth this morning
  • My Feng Shui master told me today was a bad day to come early to work
  • My road tax expired so I had to take public transport
  • I couldn't find matching socks
  • I had to study for my blood test <-- Ha ha good one!

20 December 2007

What do you do on a boring Hari Raya day? Go to IKEA of course! I think this should be the fifth time we went to IKEA this year. That's nothing really. When I was single, I go there like every month. They don't award me honorary member of IKEA Fan Club (Malaysian Chapter)* for nothing you know. Turned out we weren't the only bored one this Hari Raya. The place was quite crowded when we get there.

We left Adam to play at Smaland, this time legally too since he's already 3 years old. The play area admits kids from 3 to 9 years old only.We didn't buy anything much today just a few cups, a glass, plastic bag dispenser and I got my self a light bulb socket (yay!). Adam had so much fun at Smaland he didn't even realize we were gone. It's only an hour later that he started crying for his Papa.

Later we stopped by the food court next to Giant Kelana Jaya for dinner. Since it's public holiday only two restaurants were open tonight. We picked the one which was more crowded thinking that the food ought to be good with so many customers. So we ordered a plate of fried rice each and waited while watching Resident Evil on the projector screen. For the uninitiated, Resident Evil 2 was a movie about flesh eating mutant/zombies. I had a tough time trying to distract Adam from watching that horrible movie. Why they choose to play this violent/gory movie at a restaurant is beyond me. Not only that we were made to wait for nearly an hour for our food. In fact we were ready to leave when our food finally arrives. One thing for sure that'll be our first and last visit there. I hope Adam won't be having nightmares or something tonight.

* Okay I made that up

19 December 2007

Today Iwan and I was made to deliver 10 pcs + 10 monitors up to the 2nd floor of JCSB. After we're finished I felt like my leg is about to come out of it's socket. I know it's part of work but it would be nice if more people come to aid us. This is all Bujal's fault.

Anyway I learned of some pretty interesting news from Bujal also this afternoon. I don't want to get my hopes high though but we'll see how it goes from here (wink-wink ;)).

2 weeks ago we planned of going back for Hari Raya. Most of my family members were home and it'll be great fun to be together again. But then after revising our budget and priorities we decided against going home this time. We simply can't afford to do that right now. Well this wouldn't have happened if somebody give me a raise already!

Ah well, the important thing is we're together, my family and I. Salam Aidil Adha to all!

18 December 2007

It's Adam's birthday again today. Both Linda and I took today off to spend some quality time with our precious. We promised to take Adam to the playground last week but we didn't get to bring him there until today. When we promised Adam something we better keep it cause he'll remember like an elephant. So I brought my family to the park at Bukit Komanwel. The weather was perfect to go out today,shady and breezy.The park was nearly empty obviously since it's a working day. Adam get to play at every playground all afternoon.Too bad there no other kid around for him to play with.

Later we stopped by Jusco to get him a birthday cake. Adam didn't like the chocolate cake much but he sure loves to blow the candles out. He got several birthday wishes from his uncles and aunts in Tanah Merah today. We decided to postpone his birthday present until payday because err we wanted to get him something special he he! Has it really been three years? It felt like it was just yesterday I rushed Mama to the Putrajaya hosptal. Sigh.

15 December 2007

I've been under the weather lately. It rained a lot lately and I've been running around in the rain almost everyday it's inevitable that I'm gonna get sick sooner or later. Plus my hair is getting longer (than usual) which (believe it or not) partly contributes to my well being. For me long hair = bad health. Seriously.

These past few weeks I've been keeping myself busy with Linux. There haven't been a single day goes by without me tinkering with my Linux machine at least a few hours a day. You'll find out all about it in my upcoming post at PLC. That's why I've been neglecting my blogs a bit lately.

14 December 2007

I would like to congratulate the Rin and Farid couple today for the birth of their first baby boy, Mohamed Zidane Eusoff. According to Rin the baby headbutted the doctor just after delivery which left the referee no choice but to give him a straight red card. The couple has yet to appeal on the official's decision :)

p.s: If you think raising girls is hard, wait until Zidane grows up a bit. But I'm sure you guys will manage alright kan? ;)

13 December 2007

Today will be remembered as the day I kicked the front door open. Linda accidentally locked the door while leaving the keys inside. It's my fault really. After Linda lost the spare keys I kept forgetting to duplicate them. That's like a disaster waiting to happen. And so it has. After wrecking the doors to both room upstairs, I had officially wrecked every door in this house save for the back door which I had lost the key. Somebody has a lot of explaining to do to the landlord..