16 June 2012

Today is Adam Farihin's Sports Day at school. Since I missed the first one last year since I had to go to class, I make sure I didn't miss this year's event.

Incidentally, this year's Sports Day coincides with the Annual Indonesian Haze festival. Our next door neighbor was so generous as to import the dust & dirt from their crop burning so we get to enjoy a magnificient ,foggy-London-like atmosphere right here in the Klang Valley. Thanks a lot neighbor.

Actually, Adam didn't exactly join any real sporting events there to speak of this year unless you count fishing in a make-believe pond or rolling a ball with a hoop as sport. Still Adam seemed to enjoy himself very much and he even managed to get 1st and 2nd place in those events so those alone are woth coming for. Other than that I honestly think watching the grass grow is more exciting than any school Sports Day event.

As with last year, Adam plays for the red team which happens to win a lot of medals this year. This is him posing in front of his house tent. I don't want to give Nazri Aziz any ideas but those are definitely not molotov cocktails and Adam has no plans to overthrow the government at the moment. If those were salt or bottled water instead, then I'd be worried too. But rest assured that those are just red syrup water and the teachers are too creative with the decorations this year.