31 May 2009

Why I don't support the 'Say No To Plastic Bags' campaign.

While carrying your own bag to put your groceries in is very commendable, I totally would not join in this campaign. The plastic bags I get from my groceries shopping I use them in my rubbish bins to put, well all my rubbish in it. If I don't get those plastic bags, where am I going to put all my household crap in? My neighbour's porch? Plus I don't want to buy those garbage bags from the department store just to put my rubbish in it. It beats the purpose of recycling in the first place. So nope. I'd have to say yes to free plastic bags. I need them very much. Greenpeace, if you got a problem with this you can take it out with me at the front porch, anytime.

30 May 2009

It is that time in your life again where you had to spend a bomb to replace and service your car tyres. I always dread when this day come. My front tyres is like really bald and the rear ones is not looking good either. So this payday, I had no choice but to replace all my car's tyres. Thank God I live in with a sugar-mommy (i.e my wife). She helped a little with the bills.

I didn't have any recommended/favourite workshop in mind so I just go to this Piau Joon workshop in Desa Serdang. I heard that you can get really good price for tyres in Klang but the problem is there's probably a million workshops there in Klang and I don't know which one to go. I wanted to get some cheap Silverstone tyres at first but then they told me my car can ony wear a 15" Goodyear NCT 5 tyres. After much haggling the mechanic agreed to give me 12 ringgit off for each tyres.

For the record here's how much I spent for the tyres today:
- 4 x Goodyear Eagle 15" NCT5 tyres: RM632.00
- 4 x tyre valves: RM20.00
- Front wheel alignment: RM15.00
- Front wheel chamber adjustment: RM50.00
- 5% BN Government Tax: RM3.25
- Second time haggling discount -RM7.00
- Grand total: RM713.25

The mechanic said all my rims are crooked and bent everywhere and recommended that I change them for an arm and a leg to which I said no. Then he said I need to adjust my front wheel chamber which I did see a little bit out of place. But if the mechanic took me for a ride, I wouldn't have known. 713 ringgit is a lot to spend in one day. Suddenly the cheap tyres from Klang didn't sound so far away anymore.

29 May 2009

You know what this is? Is a mockery to the owner of this vehicle. They know you can never afford this convertible Fairlady so they print out this sticker so that you can put it up on your cheapo Nissan C22 Vanette. Sad isn't it?

28 May 2009

Today I brought my family for dinner at Kaya Kopitiam next to the BHP petrol station along the north-south highway near Sungai Besi. Don't know why but I suddenly have this huge craving to eat anything at a Kopitiam. Since Old Town is out of bounds, I had to settle for this little unknown place.

There was not much to choose from from the menu. There's the usual noodle soups, fried noodles, toast with kaya, nasi lemak and several types of drinks. Strangely enough there was also 6 different kinds of hot dogs on the menu at Kaya Kopitiam which pretty much ruined the rustic kopitiom look and feel at this place.

Anyway both of us ordered the laksa Sarawak noodle soup. I don't usually have laksa but this one is quite different from the Penang variety. And after tucking in, I must say they're quite good too. Worthy of the RM6.80 price tag that they put for the menu. Yeah, like many franchise restaurants the food here is slightly overpriced. The main course starts from RM5.00 onwards. Hot drinks for RM1.50 and cold drinks, double that. FYI you can also pay with your Touch N Go card.

That said, I think I might just return to eat there again some time in the future. I have yet to try the meatball spaghetti and noodle soup.

27 May 2009

About 2 weeks ago Adam sat for his first exam ever. It was just a simple semester exam but he did study a little bit prior to the exam, reading and memorising his notes over and over again. So today he gave us his Record Book and surprise-surprise Adam was number 4 in a class of 14. He got full marks (100%) in most subjects English, Malay, Maths while slightly above 80% for Creativity, Jawi & Islamic subjects. Not bad at all I must say.

26 May 2009

Mañana voy a ser un orgulloso propietario de una manzana utilizado!

Something wicked this way comes.

25 May 2009

24 May 2009

Today marks the end of the 2008/2009 season of the English Premier League. This year is the first time I get to watch all of my beloved Liverpool FC games live on TV since I subscribed to Astro and the Sports package and I got to tell you, it's worth every cent. Watching Gerrard, Torres and co playing top class football week in and week out is truly a joy to behold.

The season ended with Man U winning the league title yet again. I have to give credits where it's due. Man U is the better team in the league having been trailing to Liverpool and Chelsea for the first half of the season, they've come back strongly to mount a serious title challenge and end up winning it as well. The rest of them (Liverpool included) is simply not good enough. That said, I'm sure save for Man U fans, everybody else is sick and tired of watching the Devils winning title after title. Chelsea winning the title twice in a row a few years ago was a breath of fresh but as you can see, money alone cannot guarantee success, at least in the long run. You need the right manager to steer the team to success and success, they don't come overnight that's for sure.

That's why I got the feeling that Liverpool will mount an even stronger challenge for the first title in 20 long years next season. They've got the right spine in place in terms of a title-winning team, they've got the right manager in Rafael Benitez and hopefully the board will give the backing that the manager surely needs. Alex Ferguson took 7 years to win his first premiership title with Man U, 13 years to win his first European Cup. Rafa came in and won his first European Cup in no time and finishing 2nd after 5 seasons is surely a sign of great things to come!

Although I've said this like for the last 2 years already, I think next year could finally be our year. The year we end our league title drought. With a few more quality signings and a Torres & Gerrard injury free season, I don't see why not? This season we've definitely been over-reliant on both of them and I don't think that's healthy. Winning titles and cups is a team effort and we need to have one that can win as much as games as possible with or without our star players. Everybody in the team need to give the 100% in every match and not loose so many points in draws again. This year we lost only 2 games but since we've drawn like a dozen games, we lost the title by the slimmest of margin. So until next season, congrats again to Man U for winning the league title. Next season, we won't be so generous to you punks ha ha!

23 May 2009

After like 8 weeks of intermittent viewing, I finally finished watching the 7th (and final) season of Gilmore Girls today. So that's it no more Gilmore Girls to look forward to after this.

In season 7, Rory is in her final year at Yale. Her current (and probably last) boyfriend is Logan who also went to Yale but graduated earlier than her. I never liked this Logan dude. He is so not her type. I'd rather see her with Jess or Dean. Logan is the son of some rich dude named Huntzberger and she lives in his apartment during her final semester at Yale. Logan moved to London to work there and they had this long-distance relationship which surprisingly worked out well. Apparently Logan is so rich, he just flew back to and fro between London & New York at a moment's notice just to be with Rory on weekends and holiday which kinda disgusts me. Towards the end, Logan's business collapsed and he eventually returned to America but quickly goes into a little meltdown in Vegas. Rory being the kind girl that she is, stood up with Logan but broke up with him anyway shortly after her graduation from Yale when he asked her to marry him and move with him to California. Not long after graduation Rory got a job at an online news company going on a nationwide tour behind Barack Obama's presidential campaign trail.

Lorelai (Roray's mom) had a little less luck in her love life though. At the beginning of the season, she and Luke (of Luke's Diner) were a couple but after some time Lorelai started pushing Luke for an engagement to which Luke wasn't prepared to do yet. So one day after a fight, Lorelai went to find Christopher (Rory's dad) and end up sleeping with him. Lorelai and Luke broke up when she eventually told him about the incident. After that Lorelai and Chris became an item again and Chris became an instant millionaire when his grandma left all her inheritance to him (so typical). She paid for Rory's Yale fees and took Lorelai for a trip to Paris where they end up getting married. When they came back, Christopher moved in together to live with Lorelai but he had a tough time trying to blend in and get the approval from the folks at Stars Hollow (who'd rather see Luke and Lorelai together). Unable to forget her lingering feelings for Luke, Lorelai and Chris ultimately separated and broke up.

As for other characters in the series, Sookie got pregnant with her 3rd child but was mad at Jackson for not going for a vasectomy which resulted with her being pregnant again. Rory's best friend Kim got married to Zack (from her band) and she got pregnant with twins which freaks her out at first but they got over it eventually. Zack works as a waiter at Luke's diner for some time before getting invited to play the lead guitarist of a famous band and going on a 2 months tour which she had to leave Kim and their sons behind. Apparently just being a waiter in the U.S you can afford to rent a fully furnished house complete with kitchen cabinet and everything and fed 2 very young twins and her mother. Me, I worked for 6 years and still cannot afford a proper gas stove with oven! Make me wanna move to America this instant. Rory's other good friend Paris, graduated together with Rory and her current boyfriend is Doyle (Rory's former editor at Yale Newspaper). Paris got offers from like all the medical school she applied for (Harvard, Yale, Princeton) and had a tough time choosing one.

The season ends with the farewell party for Rory held in the middle on the town center under the pouring rain where the entire town turned up to organize and participate (even Rory's grandparent turned up for the event). In the evening, after being told how Luke took the trouble to organize the entire party almost all by himself, Lorelai felt really overwhelmed by his kind gesture and they end up embracing and being together again. And that's how the show ends. A bit dull perhaps? I thought so too. It's kind of a happy ending but I'd expected more from the producers of one of my favourite TV show.

22 May 2009

Now why am I not surprised with today's judgment on the Nizar vs Zambry case? Oh yeah, my friend Raja Petra Kamarudin already wrote all about this in details at his The Corridors of Power column. The Perak debacle just cannot go on forever. There must be a stop to all this madness. It's hurting BN-UMNO's image big time. People are not going to forget or forgive the 3 greedy frogs who started all this in the first place, the historic assembly under the tree and the images of the Perak state assembly speaker being physically dragged out of his seat will be forever etched in the minds of the people. The rakyat's sentiment today in Perak and in the country at the moment is very much anti-UMNO/BN. Pakatan Rakyat will have ample ammunition to use at every by-election until 2013 if this mess is not solved quick.

The rumor mills is widely speculating that the Perak state assembly will be dissolved after all in the near future. But it will be the illegitimate MB, Zambry 'Pele' Gandhi Mandela the one asking for the dissolution, not Nizar. Nizar will lose the appeal at the court to give BN some face-saving. Then when Zambry did ask for the dissolution, it will show that BN (Najib) is not that power-hungry after all. Look, we did listen to the people's wish - is that caring or what? So the state assembly (DUN) is dissolved paving the way for a state-wide election. But it is BN who will be the caretaker government going to the polls. They will, like always shamelessly use all the resources available to them to the hilt for this election, money, state government machinery plus the already formidable muscle of the federal government (media, federal machinery and more money) too woo and bribe the people.

But you know what? Despite all that they are still going to loose the state election in Perak the way the lost in Permatang Pauh, Kuala Terengganu, Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau. I predict BN will retain at most 10 seats while Pakatan shall wipe all the rest clean thus commanding a 2/3 majority.

I do hope Pakatan will field better candidates than they did in 2008. We certainly don't want the specter of the 3 frogs happening again anytime in the future. The people will vote for any party but BN therefore it is their job to field a truly clean candidate. Not someone who can be bought with 25 million or a Camry. By the way I'm curious about the fate of those 3 frogs come the election. Let's see if they still got the balls to face their electorates after what they have done. And surely UMNO/BN would not be foolish enough to nominate them again as candidates for this election. It would be a political suicide. Either way I can safely say their political careers are effectively over. They might as well do a Balasubramaniam and goes into hiding overseas along with their newfound riches.

Whatever it is, we will found out soon enough.

21 May 2009

It was slightly over 9 o' clock in the morning. The waiting area was packed with people, mothers, mothers-to-be, fathers and their young ones. All the seats are mostly taken. Some are inconsiderate enough to put their belongings on the empty seat depriving those who were standing the chance to rest their tired legs. Many were standing around, idling and pacing to and fro while waiting for their turn which felt like an eternity. Some were holding their babies and little children in their arms. Others brought strollers. A chorus of cries can be heard in the background drowning the sound from the TV hanging at the corner. While some obviously in need of nourishment, others were probably in unease due to the hot and humid atmosphere in the clinic. The fan was blowing top speed yet since there was so many people inside, you had to sit directly beneath it to feel the cool air.

There was a 5 meter double lane queue at the maternity sections. A few heavily pregnant ladies were seen standing in the queue. The two staff nurse attending to them worked tirelessly, non-stop and still the queue inches only slightly as the hours go by. They'd probably could do with an extra hand or two. But that's the best their employer can provide at the moment.

Given a choice, they'd probably bring their children some place else much more comfortable. The thing is most of them don't have that luxury of choosing. They'd rather brave the crowd and nightmarish waiting time than spend their hard-earned money on private clinics. So who do you blame? The ministry who didn't do enough for the people? The government who'd rather build 88 storey skyscrapers, lavish multi-million sailing-boat events and send a tourist to space than build better amenities and provide a decent health care service for the people? Definitely not the people who didn't earn enough to afford private health care!

If anybody who can change all this for the better, we can. Think and do our part when the chance come up next.

20 May 2009

Breakfast Deal of The Month

Nasi Lemak + Hot Drink (Medium) = RM2.00

Available at Esso Pinggiran Putra until July 2009 while stock last. Please present coupon at time of purchase.

At times like this, you can never be more savvy with your money.

19 May 2009

I've never been on a flight to anywhere. The last time I went to another country was when I was 11, to Bangkok, by land. So when my company offered to take me and my colleague to an all expense paid trip to Bandung, Indonesia I would be crazy to miss it right?

Well yes and no. Yes my heart is yearning to go but no I think I'll have to pass this time. The thing is I don't even own a passport and applying for one will set me back a few hundred ringgit which I currently don't have and even if I do have that much money, I've got half a dozen more important things to do with it (like changing my car's tires which are as bald as Syawal's head). Even when my company offered to loan me the money to make this trip happen, I'd still have to pass because I thought if I have to borrow money just to have fun, it just doesn't feel right. The offer is great but the timing is really-really bad. Unless somebody drops me a month's bonus from the sky I'm not going anywhere, anytime soon. Poor me, ha ha.

Ah well maybe some other time.

18 May 2009

A few months ago my wife decided to stop taking The Pill and opted to have the tri-monthly injection instead. We went to our usual GP but the usual doc (Dr Jameaton) was not in but her temporary replacement the young Dr Anis was in instead. Apparently Dr Anis here have little experience with family planning because she just quickly gave Linda the jab without taking the necessary steps like weighing her body weight, asking about her menstrual cycle, etc-etc. A proper OB or any decent GP would have done that.

Anyway, 2 months later Linda still didn't have her period and today we're quite worried that she might be pregnant. So today we bought a pregnancy test and the result was *thankfully* negative. I swear if Linda got pregnant because of Dr Anis' 'malpractice' I'm gonna demand monthly child support payment from her!

Had Linda got pregnant today, I'll have to put up my other kidney for sale on Lelong.com.my, serious.

17 May 2009

Some time ago, I thought raising a girl would be much easier. They'd probably be much more mild-mannered and they would actually listen to you. WRONG! Childrens, girl or boy are exactly the SAME! They never listen to you, they did everything you told them NOT to do, they throw tantrums and they cry a lot, like every day.

Maybe Mia is still very young and she didn't really understand what we said to her. Yeah her face does change when we scold her but only for a minute or so. After that she would continue doing her stuff - climb up the stairs, sofa, chairs, coffee and dining table, grill door, pretty much everything. And she's very clingy to her Mom. She will cry (for attention) whenever her Mom's around and she won't leave her in peace. She doesn't want me, she wants her Mom and her only. Okay, no more kids until they're all grown up.

15 May 2009

Next week my colleague Lau will be leaving us to work at a new place. Like any other good colleague, Lau treated us with breakfast today, just before he leaves. When people leaves this company, usually it's for a better offer somewhere else. So you can say we're like a stepping stone to greater things, like that one. Well, most of them did except for Kabut. My ex-colleague Kabut is a special case. For more information about Kabut you can contact Bujal at via e-mail.

Anyhow good luck to you Lau in your new venture. Thanks for the breakfast and we'll miss seeing you around here.

14 May 2009

Lunch Deal Of The Month.

Chicken Rice & Orange Juice (Small) for RM3.99

Fragrant rice and quarter roast chicken (come in 3 flavours) served with chicken soup and cucumber. Available at Esso Pinggiran Putra station (and a few others) until 31st July 2009 and while stock last. Make sure your present the coupon before paying. (Coupon can get free at the counter).

13 May 2009

If I didn't blog for a prolonged stretch of time, that could mean several things. Either my life is super boring and I can't really think of anything to write or I'm so sick and tired of the current affairs that I didn't have the motivation to comment on them or I came across something really new/exciting/sad/terrible in my life and I got so immersed in it but I can't tell the public just yet so I just put my blogging on hold indefinitely OR it could be a combination of any of the above.

Yeah I know, it's really complicated™.

11 May 2009

KUALA LUMPUR, May 11 — Pakatan Rakyat’s Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin is the real mentri besar of Perak , the Kuala Lumpur High Court decided today.

Judge Datuk Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahim said in his ruling that the only way the mentri besar can be removed is through a vote of no-confidence that must be taken in the state legislative assembly.
Alhamdulillah, God is Great, God is Fair and God hears the prayers of those who had been violated. They can appeal all they want or even win that no-confidence vote but sooner or later, their fates shall be in the hands of those who put them there in the first place, the people of Perak. I pray that the Reagent of Perak will use his wisdom this time to make things right again.

And looks like somebody will lose his job real soon. Although he likens himself as the 'Pele of Pangkor' (cue:vomit), I doubt any football manager in their right mind would want to sign him as a player. A mascot, maybe but a player? No chance. So I would suggest he return to what he does best...

10 May 2009

If we hadn't sent Adam to his new kindergarten earlier this year, I doubt he would have made this cute little Mother's Day card for his Mama. That's one of the advantage of sending your pre-preschoolers to a proper kindergarten.

All this weekend, Linda's little brother Pak Tam came by to stay here along with his friend. We send them to the airport earlier today. They're off to Kota Kinabalu for a little holiday. Good riddance I say. To his friend of course, not to my brother in law (he's alright). I never liked that guy from the beginning. Sleeps a lot, woke up around 3PM, didn't bother to shake hands with the host (i.e me) when he got here. If you read this Pak Tam, don't bring anybody like him here ever again, comprende? There's plenty of hotels around town.

7 May 2009

To say that I'm saddened with the events that unfurled in Ipoh today would be an understatement. Today Malaysians and the whole world watches how democracy died in the state of Perak and jungle law prevailed where might is right.

I'm not going to comment on what happened at the Perak state assembly today. You can read all about that on your favourite socio-political websites and blogs on the Internet. All I want to say is in spite of all the gloom and doom of what transpired today, there is still hope yet for Malaysia. Why? 3 or 4 years from now there shall be the 13th General Election. On that day there shall be at least 5 million newly registered young voters going to the polls. And you know how the youngsters are now these days. They don't get their news from Utusan Malaysia, NST or TV3. They get their news and from their views from Malaysia Today, Malaysiakini and hundreds of other socio-political blogs on the Internet. And today they witnessed everything that is wrong with the current government. Although I'm not saying all 5 million of them will kick BN out but I trust these young people's judgement. I trust they can evaluate and tell what's right and what's wrong. 3 or 4 years from now they will look back and think, remember Perak, 7th May 2009. That doesn't look right. I thought we uphold democracy and the constitution? Is this the kind of government that we want to put in power? One that is willing to do anything to cling on to power?

Even if BN succeeded in claiming the (illegitimate) right to govern Perak after today, 3 or 4 years from now they will still have to face the people at the ballot box. 3 or 4 years is not that long to come and you'd think people will forgive and forget everything that had happened today? After 8 March 2008 people had realized that they have the power to change their destiny. And trust me when the 13th General Election comes knocking, BN shall feel the full brunt of the people's wrath. If 8 March 2008 was a tsunami, then you ain't seen nothing yet. And should any of these young ones forget everything that happened today, I will be there to remind them. I'll be there to remind my family, my kids, my neighbours, my friends on how BN raped the country bare, if that's the last thing I'll ever do.

6 May 2009

Once upon a time, we have a bunch of single working girls living next door to us. First there was 4 of them. And then somehow their numbers starting to decline one by one until today, there's only one left. Before you get any ideas, let me make one thing clear - I have nothing to do with their disappearances. Maybe they found a better job somewhere else or they got married and moved on.

And then there was only one of them, Madihah (might not be her real name). So Madihah lives all by herself, going to work (or somewhere) at unnatural hours (8:00PM and her car is still at home) or maybe she work shifts? Anyway one day I saw a guy coming out of Madihah's house hanging something on the cloths line. Understandably her busybody neighbour (i.e me) went into gossiping overdrive. Who the heck is that guy? Is she married now? When did this happen? Why aren't we invited? Etcetera-etcetera. Well you can't really blame us for thinking something hanky-panky is going on over there right? And since we saw that mysterious guy last week, I never saw Madihah coming out ever again. God knows she might be tied up in there by her abductors and cannot cry for help! What should we do?

Or maybe she did got married and that guy is in fact her husband and we're just being paranoid. And newly-wed couples do have that never-leave-the-house syndrome you know. They're probably too busy err knitting some jumpers. Or maybe he's just his brother or something. We'll keep you posted on this intriguing case.

5 May 2009

Don't you ever get tired of listening to the same radio stations everyday, day in and day out? I do. Listening to the same DJs, top 40 songs and the endless commercials that bores me to death? That's why I now usually turn my dial to Xfresh FM, a different and unique radio station that plays 100% music by local artistes only. Well, sometimes you hear 'local bands' that sounds very Indonesian yet Xfresh categorize them as locals because they started out here not over there. So what. If they wanna call Sixth Sense and Maximus Malaysian bands what do I care? I understand that sometimes maybe they've got some sort of arrangements with some recording label (if you know what I mean).

Anyway, when I first heard about their concept I thought surely there can't be that many Malaysian songs out there can they? But 5 years on, Xfresh FM proved me wrong by coming up with new local sounds every now and then. Their station is kinda like an incubator for indie bands and artists to showcase their talent before they hit mainstream. It is quite refreshing to listen to fresh new music on the radio sometimes and believe me Malaysia really got talent! Xfresh FM rocks and Xfresh is the new pink.

Check out my new Alterchart m. Half of them is what you can regularly hear right now on Xfresh. Tune in to Xfresh FM 103.0 Klang Valley.

Alterchart m#15

01 Merpati putih - The Divine Masters mp3

02 Horizon pencinta - Daily Flavoured Tunes mp3

03 Patri - Jinbara

04 Jat da da da - Dia Fadila mp3

05 Itu bukan aku - Pretty Ugly

06 Nikmat sementara - Statik mp3

07 Mati hidup kembali - Butterfingers mp3

08 X-ray hatiku - Nabila Huda mp3

09 Dan sebenarnya - Yuna mp3

10 Kotak hati - Hujan mp3

3 May 2009

On the way back home today, we stopped at the Genting Sempah McDonald's for lunch. There was quite a crowd in the restaurant when I got in, long queue and only 2 counters open. I wanted to change my mind and leave but since Adam was really hungry (or pretended to be) so I soldiered on.

About 30 minutes later it was finally my time to order. I remembered specifically ordering Chicken McDeluxe McValue Lunch from Nor Hayati here but she gave me a large McValue Meal instead which costs a lot more. By the time I realized her mistake it was too late since everybody had tucked in into their lunch. My Spicy Chicken McDeluxe didn't taste so good today because of all this.

Back home after unloading all our stuff, I went to the barber to have my hair cut. not much, just a little trim on the sides cause they're looking rather unkempt. Maybe it's just not my day. The barber had different ideas on how to cut my hair and he cut it really short all over. I wanted to stop him but he cuts way too fast and by the time he saw the look of horror on my face, it was already to late. The damage was done. There goes 4 months of hair-growing down the drain. My hair is short and I look absolutely hideous. My life as we know it is ruined. Hu hu.

2 May 2009

Another day and another visit to the Kota Bharu Hospital (or it's official name Raja Perempuan Zainab II Hospital). But coming here is not an option, it's am obligation. Yes this picture below shows how bored I am. I even have time to camwhore in the hospital corridors.

If I get sick and got admitted to a hospital, I'd like people to come visit me too. For friends and acquaintances, once would be enough. For close family members, 2-3 times a month would be sufficient. Any more than that would be too much. But let's hope that I or any of us for that matter would be staying at a hospital any time soon.

This is basically what they serve in a government hospital for lunch and dinner. If I ever get admitted here, I would loose another 10 kilos easily in a week. The banana looks tempting but the rest, I'm not going to comment about them.

Earlier this morning we went to a little store called Zon Ria in Pasir Mas. We have Zon Ria everywhere here in Kelantan. They sell really cheap clothes and stuff imported mostly from Thailand and China. I got myself a Levi's imitation jeans for RM16.00. Too bad I didn't find one that is my size exactly (36-38) so I had to settle with size 40 which is definitely much too big for me. Linda was a lot luckier. She got herself a dress that had the same colour as this hospital curtains here :)

1 May 2009

When I was in high school, I used to sit on this doorway in Pasir Mas worrying how my future would be. What will I be when I grow. Will I be successful in my studies & life. Will I ever get laid. Who's my future wife. How many kids will I have(if any). There sure was a lot of thinking, pondering and worrying.

Looking back now, I learned that sometimes you don't have to worry so much. Yes you should have some sort of plan and vision in life and work towards that goal. But there's only so much planning and visioning you could do. In the end you don't always get what you want or dream of. Many people did get what they wanted in life if they worked hard for it but you don't always get everything you want, no matter how rich and successful you are. For example if you're loaded with money, you might not be so lucky with their love life. Yes sometimes you might and will screw up in life, who doesn't? The important thing is to learn from your mistakes. I know my life is far from perfect now but I learned to make the best of it and try to be happy and enjoy life as much as possible.

Tonight we spent the night in Pasir Mas. Is it just me or is it freaking hot around here? Last night the temperature in Kota Bharu was 35ºC and tonight I think it is not much different.

Mia had a fever today. Actually she had a temperature since yesterday but today it's even higher. Maybe it's the weather. We couldn't find a single clinic open here in Pasir Mas on a Friday. Many establishments is closed in Kelantan on Fridays.