17 May 2009

Some time ago, I thought raising a girl would be much easier. They'd probably be much more mild-mannered and they would actually listen to you. WRONG! Childrens, girl or boy are exactly the SAME! They never listen to you, they did everything you told them NOT to do, they throw tantrums and they cry a lot, like every day.

Maybe Mia is still very young and she didn't really understand what we said to her. Yeah her face does change when we scold her but only for a minute or so. After that she would continue doing her stuff - climb up the stairs, sofa, chairs, coffee and dining table, grill door, pretty much everything. And she's very clingy to her Mom. She will cry (for attention) whenever her Mom's around and she won't leave her in peace. She doesn't want me, she wants her Mom and her only. Okay, no more kids until they're all grown up.

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