10 May 2009

If we hadn't sent Adam to his new kindergarten earlier this year, I doubt he would have made this cute little Mother's Day card for his Mama. That's one of the advantage of sending your pre-preschoolers to a proper kindergarten.

All this weekend, Linda's little brother Pak Tam came by to stay here along with his friend. We send them to the airport earlier today. They're off to Kota Kinabalu for a little holiday. Good riddance I say. To his friend of course, not to my brother in law (he's alright). I never liked that guy from the beginning. Sleeps a lot, woke up around 3PM, didn't bother to shake hands with the host (i.e me) when he got here. If you read this Pak Tam, don't bring anybody like him here ever again, comprende? There's plenty of hotels around town.