5 May 2009

Don't you ever get tired of listening to the same radio stations everyday, day in and day out? I do. Listening to the same DJs, top 40 songs and the endless commercials that bores me to death? That's why I now usually turn my dial to Xfresh FM, a different and unique radio station that plays 100% music by local artistes only. Well, sometimes you hear 'local bands' that sounds very Indonesian yet Xfresh categorize them as locals because they started out here not over there. So what. If they wanna call Sixth Sense and Maximus Malaysian bands what do I care? I understand that sometimes maybe they've got some sort of arrangements with some recording label (if you know what I mean).

Anyway, when I first heard about their concept I thought surely there can't be that many Malaysian songs out there can they? But 5 years on, Xfresh FM proved me wrong by coming up with new local sounds every now and then. Their station is kinda like an incubator for indie bands and artists to showcase their talent before they hit mainstream. It is quite refreshing to listen to fresh new music on the radio sometimes and believe me Malaysia really got talent! Xfresh FM rocks and Xfresh is the new pink.

Check out my new Alterchart m. Half of them is what you can regularly hear right now on Xfresh. Tune in to Xfresh FM 103.0 Klang Valley.

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