6 May 2009

Once upon a time, we have a bunch of single working girls living next door to us. First there was 4 of them. And then somehow their numbers starting to decline one by one until today, there's only one left. Before you get any ideas, let me make one thing clear - I have nothing to do with their disappearances. Maybe they found a better job somewhere else or they got married and moved on.

And then there was only one of them, Madihah (might not be her real name). So Madihah lives all by herself, going to work (or somewhere) at unnatural hours (8:00PM and her car is still at home) or maybe she work shifts? Anyway one day I saw a guy coming out of Madihah's house hanging something on the cloths line. Understandably her busybody neighbour (i.e me) went into gossiping overdrive. Who the heck is that guy? Is she married now? When did this happen? Why aren't we invited? Etcetera-etcetera. Well you can't really blame us for thinking something hanky-panky is going on over there right? And since we saw that mysterious guy last week, I never saw Madihah coming out ever again. God knows she might be tied up in there by her abductors and cannot cry for help! What should we do?

Or maybe she did got married and that guy is in fact her husband and we're just being paranoid. And newly-wed couples do have that never-leave-the-house syndrome you know. They're probably too busy err knitting some jumpers. Or maybe he's just his brother or something. We'll keep you posted on this intriguing case.

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  1. i'm guessing that madihah juz get married & stay happily there (hopefully lar, pikir yg baik² je eh). but actually to avoid the other neighbor thinking something else, madihah shud at least pass around her wedding invitation card. thats the way to 'announce' indirectly her status lah.