19 June 2001

I had an accident on Friday. Some chinese jerk brake suddenly in the middle of the highway and I crashed straight into the car. His car barely got a scratch. Then he stopped by the roadside meaning to pay the damage to me. Gave me a phone number and took mine. I was relieved at least until I found out the number was some random chinese aunty who never heard of him. I was pawned. In the end I end up borrowing RM800 from my friends to get my precious bike fixed. It was too horrible to say here. Mom was exasperated when she found out. I'm just glad I didn't lose another tooth. One is bad enough.

Lina is having a relationship with this guy who is 15 years older than she is. I don't really care as long as she's happy. Mom would totally freak out if she finds out. REgistered to TM Touch a few days ago. Celcom is just too much to pay. A hundred bucks a month is beyond my budget as a college student. I'm getting quite left behind in my studies. Got so much to do and so little time. I missed Sharifah already. Some development from Rose. Her boss at her new workplace is so interested in her. There goes my hope. Not that I had much to begin with. In fact I'm starting to fall in love with this Sharifah Haslinda girl. Hope she feels the same way too. I'm broke and in a lot of debt but still I'm a happy guy. Got a girl to care about and the whole future lies ahead before me.

5 June 2001

The Dream Machine.

So after that visit to Shah Alam Faiz was more than eager to buy my RXZ bike. He even paid some deposit to me the next day. Mom didn't agree to my idea at first but after much persuasion she relented. My latest Celcom bill made it way to Pasir Mas somehow. No wonder my Mom was shocked. It didn't work, the Nokia code thingy for free call. Now I've got 300 ringgit in my long list of bills. Nevertheless, yesterday afternoon I became a proud owner of a second had NSR RR bike. The cost: RM7,000++. Actually the bike costs a bit more but the guy at the shop requested some money for himself to reduce the price without the owner's knowledge. It happens all so fast. Usually I don't want to have anything to do with this sort of things. But since I wanted that bike so much, I gave in to the temptation. Although I felt guilty for the entire week, life must go on. My McDonald's store is organizing a fun-filled picnic in Port Dickson. I was reluctant to go at first since I'm gonna miss several classes if I did. However if Sharifah did come along, I wouldn't think twice. It's all up to her.

My cousin Azmi is having an operation at the hospital today. All the best kid.