Alterchart m#10

01 Robot - Adam mp3

02 Aku dan dirimu - Ari Lasso & Bunga Citra Lestari mp3

03 Cinta ini membunuhku - D'Masiv mp3

04 Wanita - Siti Nurhaliza

05 Mengintai langit - Coco

06 Tanpa - Sixth Sense

07 Kumahu kau tahu - Hujan

08 Bawa ku terbang - Fabulous Cat

09 Aku bukan untukmu - Rossa

10 Aku lebih tahu - Mila

14 July 2008

Last week was one week I'd like to forget. Some crook broke into my home and took away half of my prized possessions and left me with a really bruised pride. Tomorrow will be exactly one week since that tragedy. Today not only I lost my PC and notebook, I also lost my precious HSDPA wireless modem which prevented me from surfing the net and blogging at home and other places. At first I felt like quitting blogging altogether. But then I thought, I'm not gonna let those scumbags affect my life. They can take away my modem but they won't stop me from blogging. They can also take away my stuff but they sure as hell won't make me wallow in self pity and stop living. Shit do happen but life must go on.

Of all the stuff they took, I'll probably miss my camera the most. I take pictures and video clips all the time, capturing precious moments of my loved ones. It's gonna be a long-long time before I can afford to buy another camera too. Our Maxis wireless broadband account is already suspended. The bad news is we still have to pay 800 bucks for the modem. Yes, 800 fricking bucks, for that huge ugly modem. For 500 hundred ringgit I can get a mouse-sized USB HSDPA modem at Low Yat. So to all Maxis Broadband customer out there, take really good care of your modem.