13 September 2013

I noticed that I haven't blogged much here lately. I can come out with a dozen excuses but I won't. I only have two. I'm extremely pre-occupied with life (and Twitter) and I don't have anything interesting or noteworthy to write. Then again, define noteworthy? So here goes something.

Today is Malaysia Day or Hari Raya Day or something at the school. Too bad I can't take or post any pictures of the kids from school. Company policy. Anyway today is the day that kids, teachers, teacher's assistant (TA's) and some of the admin staff wear their best baju melayu and baju kurung/kebaya to school. It's either for Hari Raya or Malaysia Day, I don't really remember which one. You should have seen how cute those kids look with their colorful baju kurung and baju melayu. Imagine white kids with our traditional Malay attire. It's heart-warming. Of course the chines, indian and other races look just as adorable in them too. The teachers are even more so especially them lovely female teachers. You'll just have to see it for yourself. My words can't do justice.

Apparently is the norm for my school to have the kids and staff dress up from time to time. Last time it was Victorian Day, before that space and astronauts theme. In fact the kids dress up for something once every other month. I wish my kids could do that at their school. But I guess it would be too much of a burden for the parent.

That is all I'd like to report for now. Till the next noteworthy news, so long.