30 April 2011

The thing about c-sections is, they took longer to recover especially from the operation wound. On the first day Linda couldn't even leave her bed due to the pain from the stitches. Lucky for us her employer covered for everything including the procedure so at least we have one less thing to worry about. Pantai Hospitals have one of the best medical facilities around and apart from here in Cheras, I have also been to their branch in Bangsar which is top class in their services and treatment. That said, if you have to accompany the patient overnight, hospitals are not exactly the place you'd rather be. If you're lucky, they'll provide you with a reclining chair to sleep on at night. Most of us won't be so lucky so we have no other choice but to sleep on the cold hard hospital floor.

The first night, I was ill-prepared for my stay at this hospital. I thought they reclining chair looked comfy enough so I didn't bring any comforters or blanket which was a huge mistake. They chair is so hard and stiff I end up sleeping on the floor. I also forgot how cold it is in hospitals at night so I didn't get much sleep due to the freezing cold, not to mention my poor back.

Tonight though I'm better prepared for my overnight stay here. Brought my thick and warm comforter along, a blanket and also a couple of pillows. So why are we still here 3 days after labour? Our little princess unfortunately had jaundice so we had to stay a little bit longer here at the hospital. Let us pray for her speedy recovery.

28 April 2011

Today was supposed to be the day goes to our fortnightly check-up at Pantai Cheras Medical Centre. However God had other plans for us. During today's check-up, the doctor said Linda had a little bit too much glucose in her blood and she would have gave her insulin shots if not for the fact Linda is in her final week of her pregnancy. Instead the doctor advised that Linda had her delivery today, this afternoon to be exact since she's afraid that Linda's diabetic condition might be harmful the baby. So we got like 5 minutes to make up our mind, 2 hours to prepare ourselves and get back to the hospital for the induced labour in the afternoon.

We expected it to be a normal delivery but somehow the baby's hand gut stuck in the cervix at the last minute. So they had to do an emergency caesarian instead to get the baby out. That's fine by me but for pregnant mothers, caesarian is they last thing that would want because they pain would be much worse afterwards. Nevertheless, the operation went on smoothly and around 3:30 PM the nurse came out pushing my little baby girl in a trolley. Linda came out half an hour later and Alhamdulillah, everybody was fine and safe.

Say hello to baby H, welcome to the family!

26 April 2011

Yesterday a friend of mine brought a brand new HTC Desire HD phone. It's got Android, huge 4.3" screen and it's superfast too. Before he bought the phone, he's been asking me should he get an iPhone, so I told him definitely. But today, he bought an Android anyway. So I asked him, have you rooted the phone and installed custom ROM and downloaded free apps? He looked totally clueless and asked me to do it for him.

Now I never owned an Android phone or attempted to root (jailbreak term for Android) an Android phone before. But I decided to help him anyway. At least I tried. I Googled around and found several dozen ways to root so many different kinds of Android phones. And most of them is not easy too mind you. For this awesome HTC Desire HD that my friend just bought, I had to download half a dozen files and custom ROMs and follow 2 dozens very complicated steps involving Unix command prompts some more. Furthermore there's a good chance I might brick (damage) the phone permanently and void the warranty. Jailbreaking an Android device is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Anyway I never succeeded in rooting his phone. It's just too much hassle and risk. Compare that to jailbreaking an iPhone/iPad/iPod, it took me just 5 easy steps and most of them involve clicking next-next-next. So my friend, if you're looking for a a real smartphone, there's simply one and one phone only to choose from. Buy an iPhone and you can jailbreak it easily and you will never have to pay for apps ever again. An Android may be cheaper with many more features but when it comes down to software and user experience the iPhone wins, hands down.

24 April 2011

Today I sat for my last paper for the semester (sem 4). Instructional Media Application was a killer paper. All theory and very little hints from the lecturer. I hope she would be kind enough to lower the grades for everybody.

On the bright side, this also means the finals are over and I can go on with life as usual yay! No more late night studies and putting everything I like doing on hold! Felt like a huge rock just being lifted over my head. Blogging services will resume as usual and I can go back to, emm whatever I like to do. Class starts again in June so I got like 2 months of holiday. Yeah right.

23 April 2011

Linda is now officially in her final weeks of pregnancy. Any time now, we will be having our third child. Adam and Mia will have a new sister to bully and fight with. Honestly, I can't hardly wait. Let's get this over with. On average it took us 45 minutes to get to Pantai Medical Cheras during rush hour. I hope the baby choose to come out at night.

Linda's blood glucose level is a little bit on the high side. We've been visiting Poliklinik Penawar in Serdang twice already this month, 4 times a day to check her glucose level which was confirmed high. Need to really cut on sugar intake, everyone. The worst-case scenario is she'll have to do a c-section. Let's hope it won't come to that. See you soon baby H!

2 April 2011

Today we went to another one of our fortnightly check up at Pantai Medical Center in Cheras. The doctor found Linda gained some extra weight and the baby's head looked a little bit big for his age. She had to come again on Thursday for further testing. Hopefully it's not diabetes.

At 33 weeks and the final month of her pregnancy, sometimes I wish the baby would just come out already. I mean I felt sorry seeing Linda walking around with that huge lump on her tummy. Must be really tiring and uncomfortable. If I could take her place, I would but you know I can't. We've got one name in mind for the baby but it's not final yet. It's not an easy business finding a name for someone especially since she's going to live with it for the rest of her life. More pictures here.

My 5 times class a semester with UiTM was over last week. Now I only need to finish my assignments and do a little bit of studying. Needless to say, after dividing my time between work, study and family, I have no time left for other things like this blog. Blogging will resume normally after the finals that is on the 24th of this month.