30 April 2011

The thing about c-sections is, they took longer to recover especially from the operation wound. On the first day Linda couldn't even leave her bed due to the pain from the stitches. Lucky for us her employer covered for everything including the procedure so at least we have one less thing to worry about. Pantai Hospitals have one of the best medical facilities around and apart from here in Cheras, I have also been to their branch in Bangsar which is top class in their services and treatment. That said, if you have to accompany the patient overnight, hospitals are not exactly the place you'd rather be. If you're lucky, they'll provide you with a reclining chair to sleep on at night. Most of us won't be so lucky so we have no other choice but to sleep on the cold hard hospital floor.

The first night, I was ill-prepared for my stay at this hospital. I thought they reclining chair looked comfy enough so I didn't bring any comforters or blanket which was a huge mistake. They chair is so hard and stiff I end up sleeping on the floor. I also forgot how cold it is in hospitals at night so I didn't get much sleep due to the freezing cold, not to mention my poor back.

Tonight though I'm better prepared for my overnight stay here. Brought my thick and warm comforter along, a blanket and also a couple of pillows. So why are we still here 3 days after labour? Our little princess unfortunately had jaundice so we had to stay a little bit longer here at the hospital. Let us pray for her speedy recovery.