28 April 2011

Today was supposed to be the day goes to our fortnightly check-up at Pantai Cheras Medical Centre. However God had other plans for us. During today's check-up, the doctor said Linda had a little bit too much glucose in her blood and she would have gave her insulin shots if not for the fact Linda is in her final week of her pregnancy. Instead the doctor advised that Linda had her delivery today, this afternoon to be exact since she's afraid that Linda's diabetic condition might be harmful the baby. So we got like 5 minutes to make up our mind, 2 hours to prepare ourselves and get back to the hospital for the induced labour in the afternoon.

We expected it to be a normal delivery but somehow the baby's hand gut stuck in the cervix at the last minute. So they had to do an emergency caesarian instead to get the baby out. That's fine by me but for pregnant mothers, caesarian is they last thing that would want because they pain would be much worse afterwards. Nevertheless, the operation went on smoothly and around 3:30 PM the nurse came out pushing my little baby girl in a trolley. Linda came out half an hour later and Alhamdulillah, everybody was fine and safe.

Say hello to baby H, welcome to the family!