26 April 2011

Yesterday a friend of mine brought a brand new HTC Desire HD phone. It's got Android, huge 4.3" screen and it's superfast too. Before he bought the phone, he's been asking me should he get an iPhone, so I told him definitely. But today, he bought an Android anyway. So I asked him, have you rooted the phone and installed custom ROM and downloaded free apps? He looked totally clueless and asked me to do it for him.

Now I never owned an Android phone or attempted to root (jailbreak term for Android) an Android phone before. But I decided to help him anyway. At least I tried. I Googled around and found several dozen ways to root so many different kinds of Android phones. And most of them is not easy too mind you. For this awesome HTC Desire HD that my friend just bought, I had to download half a dozen files and custom ROMs and follow 2 dozens very complicated steps involving Unix command prompts some more. Furthermore there's a good chance I might brick (damage) the phone permanently and void the warranty. Jailbreaking an Android device is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Anyway I never succeeded in rooting his phone. It's just too much hassle and risk. Compare that to jailbreaking an iPhone/iPad/iPod, it took me just 5 easy steps and most of them involve clicking next-next-next. So my friend, if you're looking for a a real smartphone, there's simply one and one phone only to choose from. Buy an iPhone and you can jailbreak it easily and you will never have to pay for apps ever again. An Android may be cheaper with many more features but when it comes down to software and user experience the iPhone wins, hands down.