27 March 2000

Before you know it, it's already a week now since I started working here at this store. Tiring would be an understatement. But that's work. If your work is not tiring that's called slacking. Obviously I have a lot to learn here. Sometimes I got a scolding for doing something wrong like the time I found out eating while working is a big no-no even-though that burger was from my lunch break. But as I said I'm still learning so expect me to make mistakes. Now I know for sure that most of my co-workers here are way younger than me. If I started working here way back, I would have been a manager right now. But then I had to forget UPM and H.

A few days back while filling up gas at the Petronas station at UPM the get at the counter give me back 47 ringgit extra. Somehow I didn't return the money but for the next 5 days I had this HUGE dilemma/debate in my head. Return or spend. But since I am badly in need of a new shoes for work, I end up buying one instead. My current Bata leather shoe is totally wrong my job. I simply had to get a new one. Yes I know I did something terrible and I am not proud of it.

23 March 2000

Today was my first day working at McDonald's store number 039 known as Uda Ocean. After filling up some forms, I was briefed by several of my new co-workers. Half of them are way younger than me. I worked at the kitchen, specifically the grill area making beefburgers, cheeseburgers, Big Mac and McEggs. They're like so easy I think I'll master doing them all by tomorrow. For my first meal break here I had some Fillet-o-fish, a pineapple pie, Milo and fries. About 6 hours later I returned home, dead tired naturally.

22 March 2000

3:54 PM
Here I am stuck inside Amcorp Mall waiting for the rain to stop. The reason I'm here in the first place was for the interview about an hour ago of which I can say a total failure. Obviously they don't want a part timer there. Then WTF do they call me in for an interview in the first place when I clearly state I'm looking for part time job? Oh well at least I still got that interview at Dayabumi tomorrow. Hope that one will turn out better than today.

6:55 PM
Beautiful rainy evening. As I was making my way to Dayabumi, I stopped by another McDonald's store next to Uda Ocean shopping mall. I thought I would just fill up the application form and leave. To my surprise, the kindly manager Mr Samsudin held an impromptu interview with me right there and then. He asked me a bunch of questions and in the end he asked when can I start! I was like right away if you don't mind. Of course I said tomorrow. So tomorrow will be my first day at my dream part time job. Wish me luck!

21 March 2010

Yesterday was my big day out hunting for jobs. I went to 5 McDonald's outlet around town. The first one was only 4 kilometers away at The Mines Shopping Fair. The nice little manager there (Siti) said that the place is swarmed with inquiries especially from UPM students like me meaning that I have slim or little chance of getting a job there. Next stop was the Kajang store. Same nice manager but no hope either.

While I was heading to KL somehow I detoured to PJ instead and found myself at this store inside Wisma Thrifty. The manager there asked me all sorts of question which should be a good sign. Towards the end I found out she was also from UPM so that's quite promising. She said to come back tomorrow for an interview (woot!).

As it was already dark and I haven't eaten anything yet the entire day, I stopped by the Dayabumi building right in the middle of the city meaning to eat something. I was surprised to find the entire building completely deserted. I guess after KLCC nobody wanted to come here anymore huh. Perhaps they should turn this place into a museum or something. I did found the Dayabumi McDonald's in the end hidden at one corner of the building. Thank God. I thought I'll never get to use this Privilege Card which entitles one free sundae or apple pie with every 5 ringgit or more purchase. After dinner I asked them for an application form and right after I returned them, the elderly store manager asked me to come back tomorrow for yet another interview. So now it's 2 prospective employment in one day!

19 March 2000

One place I would like to visit the most while in Penang is none other than Batu Feringgi. Guess what? I went there yesterday. Although we stopped there like an hour or so it was still worth it. Lina and I returned home with slightly more money in our pockets today thanks to several of our relatives who were kind enough to hand us a couple of bucks. I can't thank them enough.

The bus ride home was not exactly fun. I was very lucky to sit next to this big, smelly guy. I have no problem with fatty tissue but the smell is simply murder. I was afraid my nose couldn't smell anymore after today. Stuck in a traffic jam for a while on the highway because some bus overturned. Of course we had to slow down to watch. It's a miracle if we don't.

Got back in Kinrara just in time to watch the delayed live telecast of the match between Derby County and Liverpool. Sure enough we beat them 2 - nil. Michael Owen and Titi Camara scored the goals. If they keep up playing like this the title is a sure shot for us this season. You'll never walk alone man!

Hey did you know that I've got a baby step-sister named Meera Faza? Yeah I know, I'm surprised myself. She was from my Dad's second marriage. The thing is I didn't get a chance to meet her in person but I can tell she looked absolutely adorable from the pictures that Dad showed me. Already my sister Lina doesn't like her much but I do. Maybe she'll be my second favourite sister after Izni.

Later in the evening I returned home to Desa Serdang. Jai looked and acted cool like I never smashed and crashed his dear bike to pieces. Deep inside I'm sure he's longing to gently strangle me while I sleep ha ha!

18 March 2000

Still hurting from the wounds. It hurts so bad that I got all feverish at night. It also hurts whenever I shower or made contact with water. Certainly not the best days of my life right now.

Still in Penang today with Lina and Dad. About time too because it's been like 4 years since I last went there. The trip took about 4 and half hours plus 30 minutes toilet break. The bus driver was kind enough to drive very fast so that I wouldn't suffer so much. Fendi, a relative of mine took me to Bukit Jambul Shopping complex. It's like the in place right now in Penang. Then again I don't feel like walking around much at the mall because my body is aching like hell. Damn you Virago rider.

Now what's up with this Zara girl. She dumped my friend in class and left for some rich fat basterd. I wonder whatever happened to that lucky dude. I did got her number from Jimi. We changed a couple of text messages before I decided to call her cell. To my surprise she got along fine with all this. I guess her sugar daddy can't give her everything eh? Maybe she thought I was filthy rich as well. Well I'm sorry to say that this one is so broke he regularly asks for money from his Mom! Okay maybe I'm assuming too much. Maybe she's really into me (yeah right). I used to hate her for what he did to my friend Hafiz Marzuki. In fact the only reason I liked her is because she looked like H.

15 March 2000

I'm in a lot of pain right now. As I write every single letter here in this diary. my body is writhing in agony. I just had my first ever major road accident last night. As I was making my way to Sungai Buloh, suddenly a stupid motorcyclist came from behind brushed the side of my bike and sent me spinning helplessly on the road. The only thing I had on my mind was Jai's bike which I borrowed. Thankfully I didn't get any bones broken or any serious injuries. Just a few cut and wound here and there. Some on my left palm and a few more on the back of my right hand.

I can remember vividly the bad black Yamaha Virago bike rider who caused me all this misery riding away casually as a lay there on the road. I suppose it didn't occur to him to stop, look back and help me one way or another. I was real lucky there was no car or other vehicle there behind me or else I'd be history right now. So I stood up by myself, take a look at the bike and thought, man this is going to cost me a fortune.

A few moments later another motorcyclist which I incidentally overtook earlier stopped to check out if I'm okay. I said I am and then tried to restart the bike but failed. The nice fellow then offered to start the bike, which he did and I can't be grateful enough to him. After that I turned around to go back home and right there and then I started feeling the pain from the wounds, cuts and bruises from the accident. I got home safely and Azan offered to take me to the Health Centre. It's times like these that I'm thankful that I had friends.

Anyway, Mom sounded cool when I called her last night telling her about the accident. Grandma on the other hand almost cried after hearing that. Chill granny. It's not like I lost a tooth or broke a few bones or something.

Dad came by again this morning and took me to the Health Centre. After lunch we went to Lina's college in ITM Shah Alam and we waited for her for like an hour or so but she never showed up. That's really annoying of going AWOL like that one.

12 March 2000

I woke up very early yesterday morning looking for work around town. My first stop was The Mines Shopping Fair's McDonald's. Although they seemed really friendly and warm, I can sense that they don't really need any new crew right now. Call me back in a week they say. In the evening, I visited another McDonald's. This one is about 20 kilometers away from here. Same story. They'll call me if there's any vacancy. This may sound ridiculous but my heart is set on working at McDonald's only. Any one of the 25,000 McDonald's outlet around the world.

Dad finally paid me a visit today. We hang around and talked and then he made this joke of the century. "Son, I've got 500 ringgit here, how much do you want?". In the hand he just gave me one 50 ringgit note. Uh, I felt like giving a light nudge in the abdomen. Too bad he is my father. Maybe he is just as broke as I am. This made me feel even more determined to start working right away. Felt like I'm wasting all my time and energy everyday here doing nothing.

10 March 2000

Apai and I went to KLCC yesterday. It was scorching hot on the way there but fortunately it rained on the way back. We ran around KL trying to locate Kota Raya which we managed to find on the way back. This trip to KLCC is so worth it. I found out they were launching LycosAsia there yesterday which was incidentally the main reason we went there in the first place. There were some local artists performing but they didn't actually interest me much. What we're waiting for were the goodies and t-shirts that they were handing out. We waited like for hours for them and we finally got our hands on them in the end.

And just our luck, on the way out we stumbled into the Hitz Prado Cruiser guys. They gave us freebies such as caps, crackers, chocolate bars and this cool car sticker. I have never been this lucky in a single day!

9 March 2000

I had breakfast and lunch at McDonald's today. I would have had dinner too but then I only had a couple of ringgit left. I rode all around KL today looking for the Kota Raya building, meaning to have a McDonald's breakfast there but somehow I end up at Ampang Park instead. Don't know why I got lost a lot these days. I must admit I am becoming some kind of McDonald'sholic today. I've changed my mind. I don't want to open a restaurant or cafe. I'll just open a McDonald's franchise. Yeah maybe I'll need a couple of million for the capital but I think I'll find it somewhere in 20 years time.

By the way I have submitted my work application at a couple of McDonald's around the city. It's only a matter of time before I start working there although I don't know which one yet. It could be The Mines, Sri Petaling, Kajang or even Sunway Pyramid.

I bought myself a Red Hot Chili Pepper mp3 CD yesterday. It's amazing how they can fit their entire discography on one CD. What's more they are much cheaper than a single cassette and way cheaper than their compact-disc version. Funny I used to hate RHCP before. Now I like adore them. Weird.

A found like a zillion viruses in this laptop. It must have infected half the executable files in Windows or something. McAfee antivirus is totally useless. Remind me to use PC-Cillin instead.

I called Dad yesterday but he sounded reluctant to give me any money. Gosh I think I owed so many people right now, It'll probably take years for me to pay them all back. I must not let this happen again in the future.

Tomorrow is another paper but somehow I didn't have the slightest desire or motivation to study at the moment. I'm so gonna fail this semester.

The world I'm living in is filled with losers. They are everywhere. In fact I can name a few in this very household. Zaril is one good example. Such a loser. If you happen to read this Zaril, then it's too bad. Who ask you to poke your nose in people's diary in the first place? Fadzly is another one. He's a big loser and a pain in the ass to everybody too. He'd like borrowed a couple of thousand ringgit from everybody and there's no way he's going to pay them all back now since he'd gone MIA weeks ago. Let's not forget about Lan too. This dickhead loves to pee while standing and sprayed his shit all over the place. And who usually cleans the place up? That'll be me your facking moron! Losers.

6 March 2000

Yesterday was the start of the finals. Think I only spent 15 minutes answering all the questions or something. We can thank Yus for that who brought home the question papers. It's wrong of course but I didn't mind. I wanted to fast yesterday but somebody gave my some free cigarettes and I feel it would be a waste if I didn't take them so in the end I didn't fast.

Here I am watching Drive Me Crazy again for the 15th time or so. I always do this when I overeat. When will Miss Right will ever come to me. Maybe I'll just wait. The last time I went looking for someone, I didn't exactly work out. I don't know why but when some girl tries to hit on me, I don't exactly like them. Aida was a good example. So is Tini. Maybe they are just not my type. Maybe I'm just too picky. Whatever.

4 March 2000

The thing about not fasting is, I tend to eat way too much. Especially when I got some money in hand like right now. Yesterday I went to One Utama. THE One Utama. The place where all the rich kids hang out. People like her. I ate another Happy Meal yesterday. The 2nd one this week. From this moment on I'll only buy one Happy Meal meal in a week. Hope I could keep my promise this time.

The finals are near. In fact it starts tomorrow. I'll have to try my very best to rescue what's left of this semester. It was a complete disaster.

2:04 AM

I spent the last hour or so trying to sleep. Yesterday's visit to One Utama would have been so nice if only Isa hadn't be so mean to me. He totally went ballistic when I told him the reason why I went to One Utama in the first place. And then he also kept ranting about how silly I am for going to McDonald's all the time and how a poor boy like my shouldn't be wasting my money on such luxury. Well I got news for you mister, who cares what you think? You and your ancient dinosaur thoughts. No wonder your life is so dull and boring. It's those little things that I do that makes my life more interesting. There's a reason behind everything that I do no matter how silly they look and sound. Nobody knows me like I do. And you stay the hell out of my life.

Talking about McDonald's, I'm thinking of like working there this holiday. Yeah that would be interesting and fun. It doesn't matter if they pay me dirt cheap wages. It's the experience that counts. You know I'm planning of opening a diner or something like that when I retire. So what better place to learn all the ropes than at McDonald's right?

1 March 2000

I went out to watch a movie with Tini yesterday afternoon. To be honest, I'm feeling a little bit uneasy getting this close with her. I wish she could be somebody else. Yeah I know I'm a horrible person to say that, whatever. Anyway she's buying and I only had to bring my ass (and hers) to the cinema. We watched The Bone Collector, a so-so thriller.

Enough of that. Thanks to my buddies, I have now installed a brand new standard exhaust to my bike. So now, my bike doesn't sound as awful as it used to. I also bought a new plate number and a new pedal. All in all I spent over 90 bucks in the past 2 days. Extravagant as it sounds, I think they are all quite a necessity. Bike stuff plus food collection plus my debts. Then again, I think I did waste a few extra bucks on some really useless stuff. Felt like hitting myself on the head.

Wonder when I'm going to Uncle Dib's house. Got a basket load of laundry to do and I'm seriously running out of clothes to wear. I'll probably go this weekend. Haven't you heard? He is my personal laundrette!


Just a few minutes ago, I was tired, cold, hungry and lost on the north-south highway. I never knew the highway can be so cruel to you. Make one wrong turn and you could end up at the state border. I was planning to go to Sungai Buloh today but somehow I end up somewhere near Rawang which was like miles away.