31 May 1999

I almost thought there was no more bus services here (what a scary thought walking a mile to class everyday!). Oh it's good to see that lovely face again. But then, i'm having this super-serious financial problem. My temporary i.c had expired and i can't withdraw any money from the bank at the moment. Sigh. However, auntie is due to come on Wednesday. So there's a glimmer of hope. Still, i can't really depend fully on that. Tonight, found out a truly amazing thing. Perhaps Kak Long did have some special feelings for me after all. That is according to Suyam of course, a former college mate of mine. Oh what the heck, she's so far away and even could be flirting with somebody else up there right now.

30 May 1999

Got up so late in the morning and it was one of those things that i'm not proud at all. There's no way i'm going to participate in the presentation tonight. I simply can't bear the forthcoming humiliation. Again we went to the highway side for dinner, but as i had half expected, this time there is no fresh graduate from USM to talk to. Just plain boring out there tonight. Met this interesting but somehow suspicious guy who's mission is to spread the ideas of PAS here in UPM. As always i don't give a damn about his dubious plans for i simply am not interested in politics. But i do have a good mind to vote for BN in the future though you'll never know something or someone could make me change my mind. Enough of this messy A4 papers diary. Tomorrow I'll get myself a proper book to write my diary in. And oh yeah tomorrow I really look forward to meet that lovely H girl.

29 May 1999

It was my first outing since i came here. Not a really jolly trip at all going there because we had to walk about a mile to the bus stop and then stand all the way in the steaming hot bus. We went to Petaling Street to buy some clothes where i bought a shirt, t-shirt and a pair of cargo pants. There you can watch the many facet of city life. Just look at that unfortunate drug addict begging for drugs from the pusher and also see how those stall people pushing their stalls away in a flash when the city hall people come raiding. But alas, it was a tiring day and i spent almost a hundred ringgit today. Tonight, meet a lovely fresh graduate lady at the highway side. Too bad i made no effort to tackle her. Let this be an important lesson to me. Crawl out of your shell and see the fascinating world lying right before you.

28 May 1999

Rushed to the lecture halls in the morning only to find out in vain that the lecturer never turned up. But i did finished handing over the loan form and it was quite an unpleasant thing to do writing down your father as 'deceased' in that form. But then it was a spontaneous decision that i made and there's no turning back. The residents of evil had seduced me to skip the Friday prayer. I felt terribly guilty afterwards. Yet another one of those stupid orientation session where facilitators thought that they were some big shot.

27 May 1999

Skipped my first ever lecture this morning. It was partly my fault really. Shouldn't have continued sleeping after the Subuh prayer. Nothing can describe the ultimate boredom that i felt this afternoon. I thought i was going mad. Oh well, what the heck. For the first time ever, i did have so much fun tonigh. Well, at least in the earlier parts. But then it was spoilt by that stupid game afterwards. Oh i do really need to get a radio!

26 May 1999

Living alone in this room did have it downside as well. First of all, i got no one to wake me up in the morning. One day, this could prove to be disasterous if i ever wake up late when the lecture starts early. Then i must admit i'm feeling quite lonely here. Perhaps when i get my hands on that radio i won't be so lonely no more. Perhaps . Haven't seen Hasrina today. She'd probably joined some other lecture groups. Oh well, like they say, you can't always get what you want. The orientation tonight was brilliant. I guess my presence is noticed after all. My money is flowing like water. Won't be long now before i got into one of those penniless days. Perhaps i should kick my smoking habit. Perhaps.

25 May 1999

I don't know for how long I'm going to write all the happenings on this stupid piece of paper. Today we have only one lecture. But again I had my eyes on that same girl who i mentioned earlier. Now i found out that her name is H. Guess we did have something in common though i'm sure she knew nothing about it. Well then, only time will tell if this going to work out. But the interest shown by one of my new friend did worry me a bit. Oh, we'll see who's going to be her man. I'm really sick and tired of this never-ending orientation. I have a good mind to skip all that is left of it. Wonder if i can bear this huge boredom that i felt sitting all alone in my room.

24 May 1999

Today the lecturers was supposed to start but we did had a hard time trying to find those lecture halls. We managed it in the end. Went to our huge library where there is this free internet service. So i sent an e-mail to Liyana. Hope that she'll get it.
Tonight i thought the orientation was over when it isn't so. There was a presentation session and we did fairly well though others were a lot better. Had my eyes on this interesting girl who i suppose from the medical faculty. I wonder if she's sick or something. And she does have a rather bad posture too.

23 May 1999

Hey, what do you know, it's the last day of orientation already! This morning was another session at the main hall. Met more and more old so-called 'friends'. Some was full of shit. Just a bunch of snob. Slept all afternoon later. Tonight there was a dinner with the principal. Some poor old Chinese lady. How dare that girl said that i look rather immature. I hate it when people said that even when it's quite true. Alright, so what if you look immature. It's my way of life and that shall be it. Don't need to listen to some silly girl how to run my life.
Later i discussed the time table with a course mate of mine from Kelantan. We end up dumbfounded because there was so many clashes in it. Oh well, decided to ak somebody else tomorrow.

22 May 1999

We walked all the way to the main hall for this morning's programme. Obviously it made me hot and sweaty. There was this cheering war among the resident colleges here and our college, simply because were new, don't seem to have any cheers to fuss about. So this afternnon we created some cheers and surprisingly it did work quite superbly. But all the cheering made me so tired that i slept late this afternoon and skipped the stupid exercise session. But that had resulted in me missingmy dinner. Partly thanks to my dear roomie for not waking me up sooner. Tonight there was a heated atmosphere during the questioning session. You can feel the political tense in the hall. But I don't care less about that. kept myself busy minding my own business and getting more intimate with my new found friends beside starring at those beaituful girls.

21 May 1999

Went for the first time to my faculty, the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology. Hope the lecturers are a lot of sport. Had to walk all the way back under he scorching hot sun after the Jumaat prayer. I guess that's what you call campus life. Lot more talks at the huge main hall. But not huge enough to squeeze in all 6000 of us. My dear roomie wast always never present in my room and every night he goes home to Kajang. Actually i love it this way really. Met more friends from KIJ. Had my eyes on this lovely girl in the same faculty as i am. I don't know what's happening to me. I hope that she'll be in the same major as me. Of course i'm taking mutimedia as my major. Can't think of anything else to take when you're planning to be the world greatest web master!

20 May 1999

Sure is a lot of eye-catching girls here. This morning was the briefing of PALAPES. A semi-military like movemnet. There's no absolute way i'm going to join them. Found some more friends from the old KIJ. We were divided into groups today. My college was the furthest of all from the faculties. So far that we had to take buses to get there. And then there was this meeting with this big shot guy, Sanusi Joned. Just a lot of nonsense and rubbish. Tired like hell tonight.

18 May 1999


First of all, I would like to thank God the Al-Mighty for allowing me to live until the moment that i'm writing this. This the second diary that i wrote this year after that dreadful incident which resulted the loss of my dear original diary. Now I'm writing mostly from my very own room in UPM a local university here. But of course I do travel occasionally home and elsewhere along with this dear diary. If you're wondering what happened to my first diary, well sadly the truth is it got stolen on the first day of my campus life here. It's a great lost really because aside from the diary, I also lost some of my most treasured possession. So i decided to continue writing my daily life in this new diary. Whatever, here goes. . .

The day before I go. Bought some more things before my departure. Took C-man along with me to town with the car. Got my wages finally. At home I'm sleepless because there was so much to do. Things to pack and all. Around 7.00 pm arrive at the railway station. Matok, Lina and Aunty was there. The train arrived and stayed so briefly that I failed to give a proper farewell to my loved ones. The train ride was so-so. At least this one got a praying room for this particular trip from Pasir Mas to KL.

14 May 1999

I love to write. I started writing back in high school but I stopped half way cause I kind of lost interest mid way. One reason why I like writing journals or diaries is that I can always open up on of my journals one day and reminisce on fond memories of yesteryear. I can laugh back at the silly things i did or remember all the beautiful memories i had with my loved ones. Other than that, i'm sure my kids would love to read about my past and why we are who we are today.

I've already written 5 volumes of journal through the years and i could have keep going on until i bought myself a thumbdrive last year. It's a lot different writing on a book and posting your thoughts online. Previously I would keep my journals carefully worried that somebody might found and read it. Heck, i even hid it from my wife cause sometimes i wrote stuff that might hurt her feelings regardless if it's the truth. Some things are best left unspoken. I found blogger.com about 2 years ago and i started posting like 3 entries before i stopped altogether. Internet access were hard to find back then. And then one day i bought a thumbdrive and store all my thoughts in there and post it on blogger whenever possible. That's how I've been regularly posting my entries this past 7 months.

Then a few days ago, i decided to embark on a project to transfer everything i wrote on my journals to the internet. Typing 5 volumes of journals is no mean feat but I wanted to do it anyway. I'm concerned that someday somehow i lost my old journals and my memories will be gone forever. At least when i got them here online, I'm throughly convinced that those people at Googgleplex will keep my posts safe and sound. So far i'm not even finished with book one but given time I hope i will finish typing them all one day.

So guys and girls, put your seat belts on and get ready for a ride of your life time.