27 February 2002

There's nothing much to write really. Actually there's a few sacred things I'd like to write here but I prefer not to since I'm planning to swap Linda's diary with mine at the end of the year. Perhaps they are too secret or embarrassing to put down here. Worried that someday I could be very famous and this journal could be worth a few million dollars when it fell into the wrong hand. That's just not right at all. I wish I could record my deepest darkest secret here but the risk is not worth it. Finally found a subject for my final year project.

I've been exercising my biceps and triceps quite frequently these days. It does made me look better, naturally. It better does cause the dumbbells cost me a fortune. Leaving me quite broke at the moment. I'd be broke anyway. The times I ate outside. Mother's cooking sometimes just wouldn't do it for me. I hope she's not hurt much. Like the time she bought that imported beef that tasted like rubber flip-flops. I hope Linda would fare much better in the cooking department. She simply must or I'll die in hunger.

Lost of dew days of my life to Civilization III. This game is so addictive. Just when you're thinking of stopping after that diplomatic victory. America declares war on Malaysia. Thank God the application crashed a few turns later. It's an illegal copy anyway so I didn't expect much.

Linda been so nice to me. She treated me with satay that day in Kajang. Always generous she is. I do love her so.

So much for nothing much to write.

20 February 2002

A lot of things to worry about - the finals, assignments, project. My final starts on the second of next month. My team mate is sending alarming text messages about our assignment. That's the good thing about group work. You tend to finish your work. Depending on who's in your team. I've got an all girl team so I've no choice but to work hard.

It appears to be I can't sit for my discreet structure final. I've been barred along with numerous others. That actually made it a lot easier for me since I don't intend to waste my time attending the exam anyway. Of course Linda didn't know and I'm not telling. It's a total humiliation. Linda had this frightening dream where she gets to attend my wedding. She took it so seriously that she cried when she woke up. Silly girl. That's just a dream. Most dreams don't come true. But that also proves that she loves me so. Isn't that great.

I've been having trouble with Mom's cooking again. I really don't want to hurt her feelings. I shall be very discrete about my opinions next time.

I do wish I had an Internet access here at home but we don't even have a phone line. I wish I can install Windows XP on my PC. Somehow NT technology doesn't play nice with my motherboard. Stupid Asus Cuple Vm. I've put too much trust on you.

It pours last evening. My bike was soaked. Let's prat that it won't.

12 February 2002

We went to Genting Highland on Sunday. I started off early, 9:00 am is early in my dictionary. But after having breakfast, stopping by at a shop, pump station and the ATM, we only left after 10:30 am. It was a long and dreadful journey uphill. No wonder I can only see a handful of mad bikers riding up there. Other normal person would take the bus and the sky lift or just drive there. My poor bike must be screaming in pain. The 15 kilometers journey felt like forever.

Anyway, we did arrive safe and sound. All my fatigue was relieved by the cool, breezy environment of Genting Highlands. It must be heavenly for the folks living up there. Now I've made up my mind to have our honeymoon there. Linda was tempted to enter the theme park which costs RM28 each. I insisted that it was too expensive for us and we can't afford it. Come to think of it, I'm such a jerk for doing that. She must be disappointed with me. So we stroll along looking for some garden or park to walk in but couldn't find any. I guess aside from the Theme Park there's nothing much interesting to do in Genting Highlands. We did found a Mushroom Garden which turned out to be a real mushroom farm. In the end we found a tiny garden in front one of the hotels and just sat there for a couple of minutes before going home.

So much for our lovely weekend trip.

4 February 2002

You don't know what you got till it's gone. I missed sending her at the bus station and now I misses her so much. But not for long though. She's arriving later this morning and I'll be there to pick them up. Plus Lina is arriving here too along with Tok. I have nothing against that lady but I still think Mom should get along with her mother first before anyone else. Matok never even been here yet for goodness's sake. Nonetheless I wouldn't want to hurt Mom's feelings.