28 August 2012

To be honest I don't have too many fond memories of this particular Eid. For one thing since I'm between jobs, I don't have much money to splurge around. We'd barely be able to renew our car insurance & road tax this year.

Somehow my wife's boss let her a generous one week Raya holiday this year. Contrary to the previous rumor that she would have only 3 days off. That however spell bad news for me since I'll be having an extended holiday back home in Kelantan. I have no problems about holidays and travelling long distance. As long as it's not to Kelantan. I spent 17 fricking years there for God's sake. It's the same old road and view all over again every single year. Plus the fact that I'm flat broke, so... even more reason to stay put.

We didn't go home until the last day of fasting. I woke up around 3 and drove almost the entire length of the 12 hours journey. Traffic was smooth most of the time except for the Genting Sempah - Bentong stretch which was horrible. We spent the Hari Raya eve and morning in Tanah Merah, visit some relatives there and then head on straight to my home town in Pasir Mas later that evening. I only planned to stay overnight but my mom insisted that we stayed for two.

Both my sisters were back home for Eid this year. Well, Izni my youngest sibling does work there in Pasir Mas. My only brother Faiz was in an orang asli settlement somewhere trying to convert the locals there. Funny some of them demanded money before they agree to convert to Islam. I guess the Christian missionaries set the precedence first. Anyway he won't be coming out of the jungle until a week after Raya. And guess what? Her loving wife and 8 months old baby didn't mind at all.

I spent the rest of the one week holiday in Tanah Merah, pretty much doing nothing except sleep and eat. Usually we'd go shopping or visit a beach but this year I don't think I can afford that. Later that week I caught a terrible flu and spent most of my time suffering in that dark gloomy bedroom. My wife noted that I always get sick whenever I come there. You don't say... Perhaps there's a virus with my name on it in Tanah Merah. Stay for more than 48 hours and I'm done!

That said, my wife had the similar fate as mine. She had this terrible food poisoning which in turn become gastric as well. Wonder what she ate. Perhaps eat less next time? Ha ha! My mother in law was not spared also. She worked so hard for her youngest brother's wedding for 3 days straight that she fell really ill after the wedding. Today she was warded into the local hospital. Let us pray and hope that she'd get well soon.

My Raya basically suck. How about yours?