28 February 2010

Overheard in Olak Lempit...

A: Bang, where will we find the money to pay for the door and window grills, electrical wiring and moving costs for our new home?

B: Hmmm, we'll think of something.

A: You know I have spent all of my savings and bonus money on the S&P and legal fees. When will you ever get a bonus or a raise? Every other company in the world got one.

B: Well you know lah, with the economy is down and everything. Where got money to give bonus one.

A: Then how come you said everybody in that department X got a big raise some more?

B: That is different because they are special one. Maybe they contribute more to the company.

A: That's BS. Nobody is more important than everybody.

B: Honey, you should not be envious of other people's fortune. Maybe my turn will come some day.

A: Doesn't sound very fair to me. So you just be an angel and accept that as it is? Why doesn't anybody protest?

B: Darling, it is not my company and I don't have a say on how it is run. Just drop it okay? Maybe I'll take a second job at 7-11 nearby or something.

A: Arghhh, I need a vacation!! Let's go to Turkmenistan or something.

B: You know very well we can't even afford to go to Thailand let alone some place far away. You know what? This weekend let's go visit IKEA. I know you love their curry puffs right?

A: You suck.

24 February 2010

Music Of The Day

Tilu - Ku bukan aku

Lama sungguh hari berlalu
Hening malam menyiksaku
Bila bersendirian sepi jadi pilu

Kau pergi aku yang hilang
Sedikit pun hidup tak senang
Langit cerah ku renung mendung kelabu

Kerana diriku bukan aku
Tiap kali kau menjauh
Fikiran tak keruan
Jiwa rasa kekosongan
Diriku bukan aku
Tiap kali kau menjauh
Pulangkan dia ke pangkuanku

Yang digemar menjadi bosan
Sukarnya cari kententeraman
Bila hati bersedih semuanya tak betul

Ku cuba setabah hati melupakan
Dirimu dari ingatan
Tapi semakin dicuba semakin rindu

22 February 2010

Before the iPad, tablet PCs has been around for quite some time. However, their market penetration had been quite low mostly because of the poor GUI design and prohibitively expensive cost. Previously, most tablet PCs is equipped with a version of Windows XP Tablet PC which usually requires you to use a stylus to enter, click or write anything which proved to be rather cumbersome and inefficient. People wanted to touch and swipe at their tablet just like the iPhone and nobody wanna carry around and use a stylus.

And so Apple created the iPad and to give Microsoft some credit, they have introduced Windows 7 with full multi-touch support for tablet PCs. Don't forget the open source Android and Chrome OS too. In my opinion, tablet PCs will be the future of computing where a lot of people will be using them to do their computing on the go.

I have few experience of using tablet PCs. This one from Xplore Technologies from the U.S is huge, bulky, hot and it weighs a ton. This unit that I got the chance to use is pretty much busted up where the battery is in dire need of replacement. Clicking, typing and writing on this tablet is a horrifying experience, especially with the stylus, even after Windows 7 is installed on it. That's why people, we need a multi-touch, super-slim tablet PC with no stylus where you can just use your fingers to do everything.

20 February 2010

In case you have just landed from another planet and you haven't heard, Glee is like the hottest TV show in the universe right now. This musical-comedy-drama TV series is like the movie Grease but a lot hipper and way cooler. In case you don't have Star World on TV, download the entire 13 episode at all cost - you won't regret it.

I can tell you a few reasons why I love Glee. Unlike High School Musical, Glee is more realistic and down to earth, something we can all relate too. While HSM casts are all beautiful, perfect and good-looking, Glee's cast is refreshingly ordinary, complete with flaws. While HSM deals with petty problems like what's too wear to prom, does this dress make me look fat, the people from Glee faces more real life challenges and conflicts such as teen pregnancy, bullying, home-sexuality, cheating, family conflict and much more. Every episode brings new exciting songs and performance, twist and turns which will leave you breathless for more.

So what are you waiting for? Go watch Glee! At least check out all their video clips on YouTube or something

18 February 2010

Usually I would pick up the kids and wait for my wife to arrive from work at the Sungai Besi LRT station. But for the past 2 days, since the KTM commuter is not so crowded, we decided to meet there instead. Today while waiting as usual by the road side a car stopped next to me to drop off some passenger. I guess the passenger didn't look back while opening the door because suddenly a motorcyclist rammed into it and fell onto my car causing a sizable dent on my door.

Although it was the kid's fault who opened the door without looking, both the motorcyclist and I quickly started to blame the lady driver. We demanded that she pay up for the damages. The lady gave us a million excuse at first why it wasn't her fault but after some time she finally agreed to pay us some money. Although the money cannot cover all the damages done, at least it's something. My policeman father-in-law said in cases like this, there's a good chance I might walk away with nothing except to claim for insurance. Better settle there on the spot and get a least something.

Who would have thought just waiting on the roadside can get accident still. Well shit happens.

16 February 2010

My Mom, Faiz and his new bride dropped by the house today. Oh yeah I survived the journey back from Manjung yesterday in one piece. Thank God for clear traffic. My Mom wanted to buy a new washing machine while Faiz would like to take Siti Mariam for a date at Aeon Taman Equine, so sweat!! Well, you should know that they never go out all by themselves before so everything is new for them. Faiz is not exactly the dating type and so is Mariam. While most people got to know their future spouse really well before marriage, Faiz and Mariam is only starting to do that now. Good for you man.

Bro, I hope you will graduate with flying colours, nail that teaching job and help your family and your in laws. Especially your in laws. It's time you pay back everybody who has helped you like your parent for example. Take it easy on the tabligh thingy okay?

Anyway my fever and headache are all but gone now but I am still experiencing severe pain in my tummy. My wife suspects that I'm having gastric pains but I refused to believe her. Well, not until after I went to the doctor who confirmed it. Who would have imagined, gastric huh? I've never had that before. I did had a terrible fever these past few days and headache so my eating pattern is a little bit off cause I did sleep a lot. So now the doc gave me some medicines and told me to eat on time. Where got money for that meh?

14 February 2010

Right after attending Faiz's wedding in Felda Besout, we went straight down to Seri Manjung to visit Linda's sister and stay there for a day or two. Yesterday was such a hot day, so hot that I think I suffered a heat stroke from all the driving in the hot sun. When I finally get to Manjung, I had a temperature and my head is spinning like crazy. After popping 2 paracetamol tablets I slept until morning the next day.

The next day it was my stomach's turn to act up. I don't think it was diarrhea because I didn't feel like going to the toilet. Whatever it is, my tummy is revolting against me, making me so weak and I just lost my appetite to eat. So basically I spent most of my time in Manjung sleeping all day until my head started to hurt from too much sleeping. Bleh.

I only feel slightly better the next day so I took my family to Lumut for some sightseeing at the waterfront. There's nothing much to see there really. Parking is almost impossible to find there and everything is so expensive here in this seaside resort town, food, goods, stuff, everything. Did I tell you it is extra hot here in Manjung? Maybe it's the proximity to the sea but even with the fans blowing top speed, I still sweat in my clothes.

Alterchart m#17

01 Yang terbaik - Marsha mp3

02 Pemuja dari jauh - Ruffedge mp3

03 Cinta kosmik - The Fabulous Cat

04 Mainan jiwa - Rini mp3

05 Lagu cinta untukmu - Couple

06 Helah maya - Awan Band mp3

07 Lihat cara dia memandangku - Bre mp3

08 Aku tak famous - SSK mp3

09 Cari jodoh - Wali Band

10 Susun silangkata - Aizat