16 February 2010

My Mom, Faiz and his new bride dropped by the house today. Oh yeah I survived the journey back from Manjung yesterday in one piece. Thank God for clear traffic. My Mom wanted to buy a new washing machine while Faiz would like to take Siti Mariam for a date at Aeon Taman Equine, so sweat!! Well, you should know that they never go out all by themselves before so everything is new for them. Faiz is not exactly the dating type and so is Mariam. While most people got to know their future spouse really well before marriage, Faiz and Mariam is only starting to do that now. Good for you man.

Bro, I hope you will graduate with flying colours, nail that teaching job and help your family and your in laws. Especially your in laws. It's time you pay back everybody who has helped you like your parent for example. Take it easy on the tabligh thingy okay?

Anyway my fever and headache are all but gone now but I am still experiencing severe pain in my tummy. My wife suspects that I'm having gastric pains but I refused to believe her. Well, not until after I went to the doctor who confirmed it. Who would have imagined, gastric huh? I've never had that before. I did had a terrible fever these past few days and headache so my eating pattern is a little bit off cause I did sleep a lot. So now the doc gave me some medicines and told me to eat on time. Where got money for that meh?