28 February 2010

Overheard in Olak Lempit...

A: Bang, where will we find the money to pay for the door and window grills, electrical wiring and moving costs for our new home?

B: Hmmm, we'll think of something.

A: You know I have spent all of my savings and bonus money on the S&P and legal fees. When will you ever get a bonus or a raise? Every other company in the world got one.

B: Well you know lah, with the economy is down and everything. Where got money to give bonus one.

A: Then how come you said everybody in that department X got a big raise some more?

B: That is different because they are special one. Maybe they contribute more to the company.

A: That's BS. Nobody is more important than everybody.

B: Honey, you should not be envious of other people's fortune. Maybe my turn will come some day.

A: Doesn't sound very fair to me. So you just be an angel and accept that as it is? Why doesn't anybody protest?

B: Darling, it is not my company and I don't have a say on how it is run. Just drop it okay? Maybe I'll take a second job at 7-11 nearby or something.

A: Arghhh, I need a vacation!! Let's go to Turkmenistan or something.

B: You know very well we can't even afford to go to Thailand let alone some place far away. You know what? This weekend let's go visit IKEA. I know you love their curry puffs right?

A: You suck.