14 February 2010

Right after attending Faiz's wedding in Felda Besout, we went straight down to Seri Manjung to visit Linda's sister and stay there for a day or two. Yesterday was such a hot day, so hot that I think I suffered a heat stroke from all the driving in the hot sun. When I finally get to Manjung, I had a temperature and my head is spinning like crazy. After popping 2 paracetamol tablets I slept until morning the next day.

The next day it was my stomach's turn to act up. I don't think it was diarrhea because I didn't feel like going to the toilet. Whatever it is, my tummy is revolting against me, making me so weak and I just lost my appetite to eat. So basically I spent most of my time in Manjung sleeping all day until my head started to hurt from too much sleeping. Bleh.

I only feel slightly better the next day so I took my family to Lumut for some sightseeing at the waterfront. There's nothing much to see there really. Parking is almost impossible to find there and everything is so expensive here in this seaside resort town, food, goods, stuff, everything. Did I tell you it is extra hot here in Manjung? Maybe it's the proximity to the sea but even with the fans blowing top speed, I still sweat in my clothes.