18 February 2010

Usually I would pick up the kids and wait for my wife to arrive from work at the Sungai Besi LRT station. But for the past 2 days, since the KTM commuter is not so crowded, we decided to meet there instead. Today while waiting as usual by the road side a car stopped next to me to drop off some passenger. I guess the passenger didn't look back while opening the door because suddenly a motorcyclist rammed into it and fell onto my car causing a sizable dent on my door.

Although it was the kid's fault who opened the door without looking, both the motorcyclist and I quickly started to blame the lady driver. We demanded that she pay up for the damages. The lady gave us a million excuse at first why it wasn't her fault but after some time she finally agreed to pay us some money. Although the money cannot cover all the damages done, at least it's something. My policeman father-in-law said in cases like this, there's a good chance I might walk away with nothing except to claim for insurance. Better settle there on the spot and get a least something.

Who would have thought just waiting on the roadside can get accident still. Well shit happens.