20 February 2010

In case you have just landed from another planet and you haven't heard, Glee is like the hottest TV show in the universe right now. This musical-comedy-drama TV series is like the movie Grease but a lot hipper and way cooler. In case you don't have Star World on TV, download the entire 13 episode at all cost - you won't regret it.

I can tell you a few reasons why I love Glee. Unlike High School Musical, Glee is more realistic and down to earth, something we can all relate too. While HSM casts are all beautiful, perfect and good-looking, Glee's cast is refreshingly ordinary, complete with flaws. While HSM deals with petty problems like what's too wear to prom, does this dress make me look fat, the people from Glee faces more real life challenges and conflicts such as teen pregnancy, bullying, home-sexuality, cheating, family conflict and much more. Every episode brings new exciting songs and performance, twist and turns which will leave you breathless for more.

So what are you waiting for? Go watch Glee! At least check out all their video clips on YouTube or something