28 July 1999

This time H came and sat right in front of me. Again i was to shy to talk to her. Maybe next time. Urgh the pain on my ankle is killing me. Exam time and the room was so hot i could barely breath. I can't answer too questions and serves me right for playing too much game.

Went to my college's Mutimedia Biro meeting at 10.30 pm. Felt very important tonight spelling out ideas and stuff. Can't wait to build our very own college homepage.

27 July 1999

I don't know what got into me but i woke up after 10.00 am today and missed my class. Well, H is not taking this class so why bother. A friend of mine borrowed a Kancil and asked me to drove him to the KL general Hospital later today. He wanted to visit his friend who was warded there. That's the first time i visited the same Hospital i was born at some 19 years ago. After that we went sight-seeing around KL stopping at KLCC, Lake Titiwangsa, Sungai Wang, Imbi and The Mall. Finally found the USM game cd at Imbi which incidently the last copy available. Lucky me. But the trip made me miss the Zohor, Asar and Maghrib prayers cause everybody on board didn't pray. Felt so awfully, terribly guilt tonight. Naturally i played my fave game USM until 3 in the morning when i got one paper to sit tomorrow.

26 July 1999

This time i get to sit right behind H and yes she even smiled when she saw me. I'm the happiest man in the world this morning until the class was canceled and she left early. For now i still didn't have the guts to talk to her. Don't want to rush things really. Uncle din did came tonight but without the computer. Said something about the pc vendor taking a leave or something. Crap, guess i have to wait a little longer.

Rode the motorcycle to Sri Serdang again tonight. Somehow i burned my ankle when it accidentally brushed the hot exhaust pipe. The pain was unbearable.

25 July 1999

Slept most of the morning and woke up feeling very thirsty. Walked to the Petronas station nearby to get some drink but i still feel thirsty after that. Could it be that i'm showing symptoms of diabetes? God no, i'm to you to have such disease!

Ride a bike all the way to Sri Serdang later. I'm feeling more confident right now but i still have to improve my riding skill. Plan to get myself a proper motorcycle license some time in the future. I'm thinking of getting a bike myself next semester. Can't depend on Jimi forever right? Uncle din will be bringing back my pc tonight. Oh goody!

24 July 1999

Big day out for me. Went to class this morning and later Jimi brought me and some more friends to UKM to visit some of their friends. Met some girls in UKM, they were all quite lovely and friendly. We had lunch there and returned only after 3.15. Back at college i suddenly feel like visiting Wak Li and the others in Balakong. I was sorry to see how they live today, eating bread and water for lunch and how Azyzie and Wak Li taking a part time joob at Xtra Hypermarket nearby. I'm quite lucky compared to them. Arip was shocked to hear that Kak Long is very close to Gadaffi at the moment. How come i didn't know about that.

23 July 1999

Jimi had a fever this morning so i drove alone to class today hoping to see Ha. I did but she sat too far away from me. Had brunch later and slept all afternoon. Still no sign of uncle din. Really could use a computer right now. This new Pearl Jam song is really-really good. I never liked Pearl jam before but their song 'Last Kiss' is really something. Jimi is having problems with his pc. I suggested that he re-install windows and he did. Somehow i fell asleep on his bed tonight (no i'm not gay).

22 July 1999

There is a major water shortage here in UPM and the surrounding area. Jimi was kind enough to lend me his car so i brought my roomies to bathe and pray at the mosque. Went to my 10.00 am class only to find it canceled. Jimi and i went to see Zarawahida later. He got some business to finish with her. Zara looks a lot like H except she wore glasses and her cheeks a little bit chubby. The water supply resumed like normal this afternoon but in a yellowish shitty tint. We had no choice but to use them anyway. Felt slightly feverish tonight but after two Panadol tablets i'm good as normal.

21 July 1999

Woke up pretty early this morning. I seriously think H F is starting to notice me. Obviously since I'm the one who's staring at her all the time in class and everywhere else. I don't know, perhaps, well.

Called uncle din asking him to bring back my pc. The line was bad that he hung up before i could understand what he said. Tonight we ride around visiting other colleges here in UPM. We sure are lucky to be living in college 10. The other colleges were not so new.

20 July 1999

Now with only 2 people car pooling with Jimi, i had to fork out extra money for the fuel. I'm okay with that but when somebody borrowed his car and used my fuel money it really pissed me off. Jimi was too nice to say no.

Sat for the Islamic Civilization exam tonight. Wished i had studied more cause the questions was hard. Met H on the way back. She was driving a Proton Aeroback this time. This girl change car all the time man! Well at least she smiled at me tonight. That's the reason i was all cheery and smiley all evening. Urgh my hair is getting too long, must shave soon.

19 July 1999

Class starts today. Didn't see H anywhere today which made me feel so low. Well, life must go on. Jimi is playing Sim City 3000 like non stop today. It's all my fault cause i'm the one who introduced that game to him. It was one of those very addictive game. Felt very sleepy tonight .. zzz z

18 July 1999

Arrived in KL safe and sound. Waited for ages for the commuter to come before i realized i'm standing at the wrong side. Silly me. My computer is not fixed yet. I'm started to think uncle din has not succeeded in getting those multimedia drivers of a Myginie cd. I can't copy anything from the old hard disk cause it's so bad, can't read anything.

17 July 1999

Hey what do you know, it's time to return home to UPM already! Watched the Parent Trap again cause i liked it so much. Took another train back. The first hour on board was awful. No electricity from Pasir Mas up to Tanah Merah. Sat next to this man who slept all the way to KL, yes he didn't even need to use the bathroom. I had fully recovered from yesterday's fever by now. If you haven't take a train before, the temperature inside fell to like 15 below zero by 3 am and i was shivering cold by then.

16 July 1999

Woke up this morning feeling feverish. Come afternoon it was confirmed that i had a fever and like always a cold as well. Felt so miserable especially during the Friday prayer with my runny nose and all. I tried calling Kak Long again and her phone is still busy. Went to borrow some more cds. The Parent Trap was quite good. Lindsay Lohan were terrific. Plus she played two characters in the movie at the same time. Mas que nada by today's technology but two decade ago it must have been something.

15 July 1999

Followed grandma and Lina to Kota Bharu. Actually i wanted to find those modem driver at KBCC else i wouldn't dream of going through all the hassle. But the people at KBCC give me a hard time and little cooperation. They kept insisting that i bring along the modem for check up. Yeah right like i'm going to fell for that trap again. They'll pretend fixing it and charge exuberant price for nothing. Why, a single CDRW disc costs 50 bucks there, imagine how much they overcharge their customers. Went to pick up Izni and Faiz from school and drove home in the pouring rain.

Tonight taught Faiz a little d.i.y of fixing computers, particularly ours. In the future I hope he can fix it by himself.

14 July 1999

Yet another boring day at home. Wish i was back again in UPM. Can't wait to watch tv on my computer. For one reason or another, this notebook that uncle din lend me cannot boot itself. Keep seeing this stupid message 'can't read drive c'. Next thing i know the screen turn blank when i switch on the notebook. It's not my fault i swear! something's wrong with the power supply unit. Maybe the electricity here is unstable.

Went to town later meaning to call Kak Long but to no avail. Her telephone line is constantly engaged. Maybe she's to busy talking to Arip or somebody else. Well, if that so, good for you.

13 July 1999

Living at home with internet or USM is driving me mad. Words can't describe the boredom that i felt right now. Wished C-man is in town but i know he's still over there in UPMT. I can't believe i'm actually looking forward to returning to UPM. Nothing unusual to report. Grandma still suspects that i smoke. Gawd, i thought everybody knew by now.

12 July 1999

Home sweet home at last. Went to the local cyber cafe to write e-mails and find some cheat codes. The weather was cloudy and cool just the way i like it. Return back to find my pc broken again. Missing system file or maybe a virus attack. Life sure is boring here without my favourite Ultimate Soccer Manager game. Suddenly i was struck with Star Wars madness. Went to the local video store meaning to buy some Star Wars vcd but there's only Episode 1. Stopped by the old pump station to see my old co-workers. They still remembers my after all this while. Went to Florida bakery to see that cute girl who used to come to the station many times. She did look pleased to see me. I thought she had a boyfriend already what.

11 July 1999

Did some last minute studying before i'm off to take my exams this afternoon. The questions were quite alright. Late this afternoon my friends from across the room send me to the commuter station. I stood up in line for hours trying to get a ticket and by the time i got it i was worried sick that i might miss the train altogether. Alhamdulillah i did got there with a few minutes to spare. The moral of the story is: go out earlier next time. The train ride was okay with Lani next to me. The girls around was all plain and boring and the food sold on board was cutthroat.

10 July 1999

Mom came by again. This time she's attending the National Pemadam Conference. Uncle din took my pc to install the drivers. Went to uncle dib's house in Sungai Buloh and later to the train station to buy my return ticket. Lina is complaining how i spend so much. She still bitter having to pay all those internet bills used by me. Yeah like i'm the only one using the internet.

9 July 1999

Now i could not afford to miss breakfast at college anymore. Soon i won't even afford lunch for me. Saving up my money for the weekends. It's good to see H again. made me forget all of my worries for a while. Shouldn't have bought lunch or this cigarette pack today. Now that examinations is around the corner, i did a little bit of studying, well at least i tried.. Later i shaved my head again. It made me feel a lot lighter again in the head. Now perhaps i can stay up longer, wake up late and skip breakfast. I'm pathetic, well who cares.

8 July 1999

Called home today only to get more bad news. I guess i can forget about going back this semester break cause mom can't afford to pay for my trip. Wonder how long i can last with 20 ringgit in hand. I hate this mess. It all started since i planned to get that computer. Unless this purchase prove to be a good investment, i would have done a huge mistake. Apart from that did some laundry tonight. By laundry i mean washing it manually with my hands.

7 July 1999

Boy, isn't it rainy today. I love the rain, in fact i'm even happier when it rains. Withdrew everything i had in my savings account to pay for that new hard disk. Now i'm literally broke. Installing windows on the new pc was easy. The bad new was i haven't got the multimedia and display drivers for this pc. Currently i got a lowly 16 colours display with no sound etcetera. Got to get those drivers from uncle din quick.He did showed up tonight demanding his monitor and speakers back cause Azri had to use it. I thought the speakers come with the pc. At least he lend me his notebook, an Intel 80486. Not much but what the heck.

6 July 1999

Just as i had feared, people at the computer store confirmed that my hard disk is beyond repair. There goes my 30 bucks for nothing. Shouldn't have sent it there in the first place. Looks like i have to ask for back up from mom and fast.

This afternoon to my horror i saw H and another girl sitting around the same table with 2 other guys. I was thinking the worst at first but eventually i just assume they were long time friends. Let's hope that's true. Why am i feeling there's going to be more coming right between us?

5 July 1999

First day of the week. I got into class late again. H just completely distracted me from our lesson today. Me and my big mouth. Shouldn't have told anybody about her. Went to the computer store only to find he didn't even touch my pc yet. One word: stupid shit? I hate this. Waiting, so unbearable. Hmm, nothing much happened for the rest of the day. Nothing important like getting back my pc like new. Slept most of the afternoon. That idiot pc repairman.

4 July 1999

Big day for the Americans, big deal for me and the rest of us here. Woke up and jumped straight on my computer, still struggling to fix it. I do think i'll have to buy a new hard disk. The present one is full of bad sectors that i can't even format it anymore. In the end i send it to a nearby computer store with Jimi. I hope he can fix it with needing to buy a new disk. Oh yeah, zulkifli come begging from me this afternoon. He just lost his i.c and walkman. I still feel sorry for nearly crashing his bike the other day so i gave him some. W

3 July 1999

Today was supposed to be the happiest day of my life. Somehow it turned out to be not so happy after all. Waited for hours for mom to come which she did at 4.00 pm sharp. While in the car, i finally got the guts to ask uncle din to sell me his pc. He duly agreed and here i am in my room struggling to fix my brand new old computer. It was me who screwed up this pc in the first place. So it serves me right having to fix it now. Getting this pc is only half on the story. The bad news was i can't keep this awesome 17" digital monitor cause it belongs to his office. Second, the hard disk is broken so i had to buy a new one which should be expensive. I must never forget poor mom who'll be paying for this pc (RM1400 minus the monitor). Nonetheless i'm grateful that i finally got a computer. Alhamdulillah.

2 July 1999

Yet another rush to the morning class. This one is special though cause i get to see H again. This is the first time i saw her in a beautiful baju kurung instead of the usual t-shirt and jeans. She was absolutely stunning.

I did finish my assignment today and send it to the lecturer in the afternoon. Met Ha again then. Wonder if she ever noticed me. I sure do notice her very much. Early this evening i woke up to see her sweet smiling face in my head. I suppose that's what happen when you like somebody so much. How my heart melts everytime i picture that smile. Erk.

1 July 1999

Hmm, what did happen today. Oh yes as usual i rushed to the morning class. Wait a minute, my class doesn't start until 10 and somebody crashed into Jimi's car at the parking lot so he had to send it to the workshop. Stayed up very late tonight, around 1.15 am. The next day went to the highway side to have some nasi lemak. Then waited for hours for Jimi to finish his assignment on his computer before i get to use it. End up sleeping around 5.30 in the morning.