26 July 2010

Earlier today, Mia had her final check up at the Seri Kembangan community clinic. Thank God for that. After dropping the kids at their nursery we went to Mutiara Damansara to catch a movie. Inception has been receiving glowing reviews from film critics the world over therefore I simply must see this film.

I don't want to bore you with the details but this is without a doubt, the best movie I've seen this year. Hell lot better than Avatar, Iron Man 2 etc-etc. I was glued to the seat the entire 2 hours of screening. Yeah it is that good. Go see it!

Afterwards, we visited Tesco nearby to do some groceries. But before that, I stumbled into Fahrin Ahmad the actor at Cineleisure - with his brand new girlfriend! She's definitely not an artist or celebrity because I've never seen her anywhere before. And after Linda Onn & Sharifah Nor Azean, this one looked refreshingly ordinary. A change of taste there buddy?

Anyway I didn't stop by to take pictures or anything because I really needed to go to the restroom at that time. Wait, since when did I stop to talk or take pictures with celebs? That's right, neverrrr! They're just ordinary human beings just like you and me. Besides, I'd like to respect their privacy.

That's all for now. You know you love me.


Gossip Guy

18 July 2010

Today I started the first class of my 3rd semester at UiTM, pursuing my PhD in rocket science. 8 semesters feel like forever! As usual I left early meaning to catch a decent parking spot. Come late and chances are you'll have to park by the roadside and risk being clamped by the overzealous college security.

In the afternoon, I hung out at my sister's place at nearby Jalan Betuk. Yes there is such thing as free lunch. I can only go there when her husband's mood is good though and today he's pretty cool. He tried to sell me a taser but I politely declined. He always does that, try to sell me stuff.

First seminar of the semester and already we have tons of work & assignments. Well, we didn't come here to chill did we? There 3 less members of my class this time. Some decided to adjourn their study until next year, some just didn't do enough to make it. In everything you do, it is imperative that you give your fullest focus & commitment to them.

16 July 2010

Last night the Najib administration pulled a surprise 5 in 1 price hike for fuel & sugar by cutting the subsidies for those items. It's like pulling the rug under the people's feet. Don't give the 750 million savings bullshit. Yesterday the parliament was told that the Prime Minister's Dept budget had reached RM3.9 billion for 2010 alone. This doesn't even take into account the 946 million lost by Sime Darby that the government had also bailed out. And obviously Jibby has no qualms about paying APCO RM77 million a year just to enhance his image which in my opinion has failed miserably because of the APCO - Israel connections.

I don't know about you but I certainly don't deserve this government because I never voted for them. The rest of you, UMNO/BN supporters out there, you reap what you sow. Corruption and mismanagement is so rampant in this government that they had literally drain the coffers dry. And now they are turning to you to milk more money out of your hard-earned wages and salary. 5 cents might be pittance for some but for the poor folks in Temangan or Tebedu, the chain effect from the fuel price will inadvertently add for more hardship in their lives. Something which I'm sure those BN MPs and ADUNs in their 7 series, Cayennes and X2s doesn't give a hoot about.

The power is in your hands really. If you never cared to vote before, register now. You and nobody else decide your and your children's future. If you voted for BN or didn't even bother to register before, shut up and get on with your lives. You have no right to complain. You deserved this.

5 July 2010

Right in the heart of Taman Puncak Jalil, near the Esso service station you can find this little steamed rice stall beside the road.

Steamed rice is a true Kelantanese delicacy. Steamed rice with fried spiced chicken and a special gravy. It is one to die for. RM4.50 a packet with choice of chicken or quail.

Alterchart e#18

01 We made you - Eminem

02 Billionaire - Travie McCoy feat Bruno Mars

03 Kissin' U - Miranda Cosgrove

04 Alejandro - Lady Gaga

05 Waka waka - Shakira

06 Last of the American girls - Greenday

07 Let's just fall in love again - Jason Castro

08 Eanie meenie - Sean Kingston feat Justin Bieber

09 I'm awesome - Spose

10 OMG - Usher

4 July 2010

The 2010 World Cup is now in the semi finals. My team Spain barely got past a resilient Paraguay side last night to book a semis date with Germany. After that 4 nil thumping of Argentina earlier yesterday, nobody wants to meet Germany at the moment. South American teams had been seen as early favourites for this tournament after breezing through the group stages. However after the quarter finals, only Uruguay is left standing that is after winning on the lottery of penalties against Ghana.

So now Netherlands meets Uruguay and Spain versus Germany. My heart would like to see Spain going through the finals and going all the way but if Germany kept playing the way the did in the previous 2 matches, I think it's gonna be Netherlands vs Germany come 11 July. That said, this IS football and anything can happen. That's the beauty of this game. God knows it my be Uruguay vs Spain and the South American winning it!

For the record, I don't like Torres' new hair cut. That is why he's been invisible so far in this finals.

3 July 2010

We have a good community! This evening the folks at Casa Riana held a potluck/birthday party/get-together+World Cup viewing party down at the pool & the community hall. Residents brought along foods to the event and my wife made her trademark onde-onde which was a hit among the guests. The empty tupperware was proof.

This is the 2nd time already we had such gathering. The first time, we just moved here the day before so we were too busy to attend. Earlier in the afternoon there was another meeting with the resident's association, developer and some other folks. I missed it because I had some other matters to attend to. We here at Casa Riana is like one big kampung. Hopefully it'll stay that way.

2 July 2010

What you are seeing here is no ordinary sword. This is Adam's very special magical sword. It is made from a discarded Yu Yee Medicated Oil Can, part of formula bottle top, electric wire casing and some tapes.

He uses this magical sword to slay big bad dragons, those monsters from Ultraman and poke his sister and father. When the energy dries out, he will need to charge his sword through the USB port of his computer. And oh yeah, this sword doubles as a violin too.

Don't ever tease him about this imaginary very real sword because he's very sensitive about it.

1 July 2010

My 2 years plus daughter is addicted to sweets! There isn't a day gone by without her asking for some. First thing she'll ask when she met her Mom or Dad is for some 'lert' (chocolate/sweets). And if we didn't give her she would almost always threw a tantrum.

If she keeps up like this, she'll lose all her beautiful teeth in a couple of months. What to do?