28 November 2007

Linda and I took a day off together today to bring Adam for his final medical check up at the Seri Kembangan Comunity clinic. We've been taking Adam regularly to this clinic for the past year or so and we're just glad that this gonna be the last time we go through all the hassle of coming here.

The Seri Kembangan clinic is just a small clinic and they've got the entire population of Seri Kembangan coming there almost every day so we had to wait for hours just to get Adam checked up. Two hours wait for a mere 5 minutes check up. Then again like the French say: Cest la vie.

Later we drop Adam at his nursery and went shopping at Tesco in Puchong.

27 November 2007

Remember the recent Petronas Hari Raya ad where the kid repeatedly asks his dad about the bird's name? Well that happened to me too.

Since my wife was required to do overtime every single day, I get to spend a lot of time together with Adam. In another word, I had to look after him everyday after work until his mom gets back. What, me, complain? Nahh. I don't mind really. Eventhough he gave me a big headache everyday with his cheeky mischievous ways. Kicking and screaming, creating a huge mess all over the place.

Anyway, I think my almost 3 years old has arrived at the phase where he ask questions, lots and lots of questions about everything. In short, I became his official Information counter of sort. Here's a typical conversation between Adam and me in the car:

Adam: Papa tu apa atas tu?

Me: Tu kabel

Adam: Kabel apa?

Me: Kabel letrik

Adam: Tu apa pa?

Me: Lampu

Adam: Lampu? Lampu apa pa?

Me: Lampu jalan

Adam: Banyak nye lampu jalan! Ada 1, 2, 4, 7 , 16 lampu jalan. Tu kereta apa pa?

Me: Kereta Honda

Adam: Kereta Honda apa?

Me: Honda Civic

Adam: Honda Cibik ke? Bukan kereta Toyota?

Me: Bukan la

Adam: Habis kereta Toyota mana?

Me: Tu kat depan tu kereta Toyota

Adam: Tu kereta Abanza la

Me: Whatever!!

Adam: Tu kereta apa pa?

Me: ...

Adam: Tu kereta apa paa?


Me: Tu teksi la, kan semalam dah cakap!

Adam: Teksi? Teksi apa pa?

Me: Teksi buruk

Adam: Teksi buruk? Siapa buat?

Me: Mana la papa tau

Adam: Siapa buat paaa?

Me: Sigh, Ah Fatt buat

Adam: Tu motor rempit ke pa?

Me: Ye, motor

Adam: Abang naik motor rempit tu jahat ke?

Me: Tak ah, nakal sikit jer, macam Adam

Adam: Adam tak nakal la. Motor tu nak gi mana pa?

Me: Mana la papa tahu

Adam: Papa tanya la dia

Me: Malas ah



Motorcyclist: ...

Me: Dia tak jawab pun

Adam: Kenapa dia tak jawab?

Me: Sebab dia manyak sombong, Ipoh mali punya mwahahahaha!!

Me: Dah la Adam, sakit kepala papa

Adam: Papa sakit kepala? Siapa buat?

Me: Adam la buat! Popet-popet jer cam mak nenek!

Adam: Adam tak popet pun, Adam minum susu jerrrr. Pa tu kabel apa pa?

Me: Arghhhhh!!!

You see, I don't mind answering all his questions from time to time but not all the time! Not like he'll understand all of them anyway. Okay, first thing I;m gonna teach him on the computer is how to use Google.

26 November 2007

It's another manic Monday.

Ok that's lame, I don't like The Bangles that much. Today I went to Changkat Raja Chulan to fix stuff. Stayed there until 6 something. Thank God for SMART tunnel. Else I'd be stuck in the traffic jam all the way to DesaPetaling.

Earlier this evening Adam was stung by a bee. We were eating at the Selera Waris restaurant near home when suddenly Adam cries in pain. I quickly rushed him to Klinik Jameaton where he cries even louder upon seeing the clinic. Thank God Adam didn't develop any allergic reaction to the bee sting. I've heard of fatalities involving bee and similar venomous stings.

Now Adam didn't even look like he'd never been stung at all. Brave kid.

25 November 2007

Today we went to Hentian Duta in K.L to send my in laws to their sister's place in Manjung, Perak. I had my doubts about going anywhere near KL especially when a few thousand people were holding illegal rallies there which mean road blocks which ultimately mean massive traffic jams. But I had to anyway. Tickets were sold out at Henitan Duta so we no choice but to go to the Puduraya Bus Station in the city centre. Luckily the rallies are over and traffic was smooth all the way. The kids left with their bus around 7.30 p.m.

24 November 2007

Hey it's my birthday again.

Went to work as usual this morning. Abang Din was the first to congratulate me. I know he's got a software that send out reminders of every body's birthday nevertheless it's still thoughtful of him. I'm still recovering from yesterday's cold so I still feel slightly drowsy at work today.

In the afternoon Linda bought me a chocolate cake. Mother came by with Faiz to visit. Tonight we had some of Linda's friends come over since she made some nasi kerabu for dinner. I ate a lot tonight. Did I say I wanted to diet on my 27th birthday? Ah well maybe I'll start in January.

27 and still much more to accomplish in life. Get married by 24 - check, get a kid by 24 - check, take over the world by 40 - err still in progress :)

23 November 2007

I woke up late this morning and rushed to take my shower, pray and everything. Normally I would wake up earlier, stretch and warm up a little bit before I head to the bathroom but not today. As a result I got a bloody runny nose that turned into a full-fledged cold by noon. Miserable - that's all I can say about my day today.

Cold or not, I did go to Subang today to do my job. Since the boss is away in the States, everybody slowed down a bit with work. I went to get my cold prescription from Kilink Jameaton later today which made me really-really sleepy afterwards. So sleepy that I slept for half an hour or so on my desk today. Never before had I slept at work. 5 o'clock I punched out and head straight home to sleep some more.

Tonight I was in a rather foul mood. I get easily irritated with everything and everyone including my loved ones. I'm just so tired and I really need to get some rest. Sorry Mama and Adam okay? Superdad is off tonight.

22 November 2007

We worked at Puncak Alam for the whole day today. Did a lot of physical work, moving heavy around stuff around. Dead tired man.

Today my boss and two of my colleagues from the Computer Facility Management System (CFMS) team left for Boston to attend a two week course on the Archibus software. Takpe-takpe, korang tak ajak aku ye!

Bujal's dad got admitted to the hospital today. Hope he gets well soon man.

21 November 2007

Irwan and I travelled about 190 kilometers today. Damansara, HP, PNSB before ending our trip at Low Yat Plaza in the middle of K.L. We were looking for a specific type of power supply unit there. We visited almost every single shop there and found none. Went to pick up Linda at Wisma Nusantara on the way back. It's not often that I get to pick her up from work. Don't get me wrong, I love my wife but going to her workplace everyday is simply out of the question. It's mental. For example today it took us one hour to get from the city centre back to my office today. I definitely can't handle that kind of stress day in and day out.

I would like to congratulate my little brother in law or Abang Chik as he is affectionately called for successfully taking care of our Adam Farihin for one whole day with all his limbs intact. Taking care of a 3 year old is one heck of a stressful job for me alone let alone for a kid half my age. Poor Abg Chik went to bed rather early today. That's okay, get some rest son. You've got two more days before your sufferings ends.

20 November 2007

Bedtime story

Adam: Good night Papa

Papa: Good night

Adam: I love you

Papa: I love you too

Adam: I love you too...

19 November 2007

Dear readers,

Firstly I would like to extend my apologies to my fans (ada ke?) for the lack of update on this blog and Afif PLC. Actually, these past few weeks I’ve been practically stumped with work. Sometimes I wish there’s more than 7 days in a week. I have little time to update my blog at work and with my Maxis Wireless Broadband application rejected, I don’t have the mood to write anything of late.

Today I took an annual leave to take care of my kid since his usual baby sitter takes a week off to balik kampung. That’s a whole week of paid leave mind you. Tomorrow’s gonna be Linda’s turn to look after Adam but for the next three days, it gonna be Linda’s 15 years old brother’s turn to take care of him. I wish you luck man (you’re gonna need it).

Nothing interesting to report today. I finished the entire laundry. Adam been playing F1 2003 on my pc the whole day long. They’re so easy even 3 year olds can play. He just press the A (for acceleration) key and off they go. But the downside is now I’ve got to fight for the right to my pc with my 3 years old. You know who gonna always win right?