30 October 2000


Woke up this morning still not feeling well because I'm currently down with fever. Earlier today I received a surprise phone call from Yuhaznel telling me he had settled all his outstanding summonses. Thank God that idiot finally has some sense knocked into his puny brain. So with fever and all, I rushed to the PJ RTD to renew my fricking road tax (finally!). To be honest I'm not really sure whether my application will go through and it's not until the lady at the counter handed over my shiny new road tax that I actually believed. Thank God.

Finally I got my road tax. To say that I'm relieved would be an understatement. Then again I was accustomed to so many disappointment throughout the entire ordeal that I don't have the energy to be merry anymore. Well at least one big problem solve. Never mind the fact that I only have RM200 in my wallet which will be a lot less after I fix my bike later on.

17 October 2000

I just couldn't bare leaving my RXZ bike under the scorching sun and pouring rain anymore so I decided to ride my bike to work, no road tax and all. Besides, my budget is really strained because I had to fork out 3 ringgit for commuter fair and another 50 cent for parking. Thank God I didn't meet any untowardsly incident like being stopped by some police or JPJ road blocks. This month I purposely requested not to do closings because I really don't want to come home late at night.

As for Yuhaznel, he just got back from his super top urgent business trip in Penang and yet he's still very busy to meet me. At least not until later today when we arranged to meet in Padang Jawa. But even if I got his I.C tomorrow, the insurance agent told me I need to go to JPJ in Perak to get the ownership changed which would take from 10 days to three weeks. However she also said I could get it done for a lot less time if I agreed to pay her something extra to bribe the JPJ officers. Yeah right. There's no way in hell I'm going to do that. This is sick. Besides, I don't have much money anyway and I'm even currently living on some 40 cent cream bun diet daily.

6 October 2000

I spent the entire week looking for the idiot Yuhaznel.

So I thought to myself if Ali won't be helping me to settle my problem I guess I just have to help myself. One afternoon, I borrowed Isa's bike and went out to look for Yuhaznel's last known address in Puchong. This place in Taman Bukit Kuchai was not exactly easy to find. I looked high and low for hours before locating the house. To my despair the place is totally deserted and looks like the owners left for quite some time now. Anyway I asked for help from the neighbor next door but the guy looked quite disturbed by my presence and clearly unwilling to help me. So the first day I made little progress in solving my problem.

The next day I visited that house again and as expected it was still empty. I tried to call the next door neighbor meaning to leave him the documents, thinking he could somehow pass it to this Yuhaznel moron. I cried hello a few dozens time but nobody came out. Exasperated and totally dejected, I made my way home but not before the neighbor next to Yuhaznel's neighbor called out to me and asked what's the matter. I quickly explained and this kindly old man offered to show the house of Yuhaznel's in law just a couple of miles away down the street. I guess all hope is not lost after all. Since it was dark already that day I decided to come again the next day.

The next day Isa and I went to the in law's place. This time we were met with the owner's maid who said her boss is not home. I could have swore I saw somebody moving behind the curtains. I was so near this time, I thought there's no way in hell I'm gonna give up now. So we went to IOI Mall nearby to spend some time until 6:00 PM when the in laws were supposed to come home. Finally after 6:00 PM I finally get to meet Yuhaznel's in law who passed me his phone number. I called his number straight away but just my luck he didn't pick up the phone. So I texted him a couple of times explaining my situation hoping that he would someday call me back.

He did call me back but only after like 5 days later. He said he gave the bike to his brother who sold it to the shop without bothering to change the ownership. So I said I needed his IC to change the bike's ownership but he just refused flat out. Said something about his friend being cheated after handing out his IC to somebody. Like hello? I can show you the damn bike myself if you don't believe me? I tried to reason with him, even get my Mom to call him and plead my case but somehow this moron just refused to help me. Unbelievable. I can't believe people like this even existed on this planet. Still he did said he would try to settle his summons so that I can at least renew my road tax. Hearing them I quickly ran to my insurance agent and tried to renew my road tax a few days later. The agent said the same old thing. Cannot, this bike still blacklisted. By this time I don't care anymore. The moron said he will get back to me after he returns from his business trip in Penang. Yeah whatever.

Despite all the disappointment with my bike, I returned back to work at McDonald's Uda Ocean today. Saw some new faces at the store including this new store manager. That said, the same old familiar faces are still here including Eyta, Alina, Abang Sudin and Samsiah. I tried to work for as many hours as possible now since I really needed the money. Once or twice I did opening shift right until closing.

At this moment I'm spending my day off almost alone at the house. Only Pok Li and Pendi are with me. Pok Li is doing some part time job in Klang or Damansara or something. Pendi just showed up this evening out of nowhere. I must say it was quite peaceful right now at home. Times like this it would be awesome if I had a girlfriend...