18 July 2010

Today I started the first class of my 3rd semester at UiTM, pursuing my PhD in rocket science. 8 semesters feel like forever! As usual I left early meaning to catch a decent parking spot. Come late and chances are you'll have to park by the roadside and risk being clamped by the overzealous college security.

In the afternoon, I hung out at my sister's place at nearby Jalan Betuk. Yes there is such thing as free lunch. I can only go there when her husband's mood is good though and today he's pretty cool. He tried to sell me a taser but I politely declined. He always does that, try to sell me stuff.

First seminar of the semester and already we have tons of work & assignments. Well, we didn't come here to chill did we? There 3 less members of my class this time. Some decided to adjourn their study until next year, some just didn't do enough to make it. In everything you do, it is imperative that you give your fullest focus & commitment to them.