18 May 2009

A few months ago my wife decided to stop taking The Pill and opted to have the tri-monthly injection instead. We went to our usual GP but the usual doc (Dr Jameaton) was not in but her temporary replacement the young Dr Anis was in instead. Apparently Dr Anis here have little experience with family planning because she just quickly gave Linda the jab without taking the necessary steps like weighing her body weight, asking about her menstrual cycle, etc-etc. A proper OB or any decent GP would have done that.

Anyway, 2 months later Linda still didn't have her period and today we're quite worried that she might be pregnant. So today we bought a pregnancy test and the result was *thankfully* negative. I swear if Linda got pregnant because of Dr Anis' 'malpractice' I'm gonna demand monthly child support payment from her!

Had Linda got pregnant today, I'll have to put up my other kidney for sale on Lelong.com.my, serious.


  1. Some people are just too fertile, aren't they? Haha..

  2. that is one of the 'side effect'. sometime we will get period every each 2/3 mths.

  3. Wow, every 2-3 months! That's greaaattt!