19 May 2009

I've never been on a flight to anywhere. The last time I went to another country was when I was 11, to Bangkok, by land. So when my company offered to take me and my colleague to an all expense paid trip to Bandung, Indonesia I would be crazy to miss it right?

Well yes and no. Yes my heart is yearning to go but no I think I'll have to pass this time. The thing is I don't even own a passport and applying for one will set me back a few hundred ringgit which I currently don't have and even if I do have that much money, I've got half a dozen more important things to do with it (like changing my car's tires which are as bald as Syawal's head). Even when my company offered to loan me the money to make this trip happen, I'd still have to pass because I thought if I have to borrow money just to have fun, it just doesn't feel right. The offer is great but the timing is really-really bad. Unless somebody drops me a month's bonus from the sky I'm not going anywhere, anytime soon. Poor me, ha ha.

Ah well maybe some other time.


  1. That's too bad..I guess you must be wishing you were still single..hahaha...

  2. You know we're suppose to say no regrets hor

  3. What does being married has anything to do with this?