3 May 2009

On the way back home today, we stopped at the Genting Sempah McDonald's for lunch. There was quite a crowd in the restaurant when I got in, long queue and only 2 counters open. I wanted to change my mind and leave but since Adam was really hungry (or pretended to be) so I soldiered on.

About 30 minutes later it was finally my time to order. I remembered specifically ordering Chicken McDeluxe McValue Lunch from Nor Hayati here but she gave me a large McValue Meal instead which costs a lot more. By the time I realized her mistake it was too late since everybody had tucked in into their lunch. My Spicy Chicken McDeluxe didn't taste so good today because of all this.

Back home after unloading all our stuff, I went to the barber to have my hair cut. not much, just a little trim on the sides cause they're looking rather unkempt. Maybe it's just not my day. The barber had different ideas on how to cut my hair and he cut it really short all over. I wanted to stop him but he cuts way too fast and by the time he saw the look of horror on my face, it was already to late. The damage was done. There goes 4 months of hair-growing down the drain. My hair is short and I look absolutely hideous. My life as we know it is ruined. Hu hu.

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