23 May 2009

After like 8 weeks of intermittent viewing, I finally finished watching the 7th (and final) season of Gilmore Girls today. So that's it no more Gilmore Girls to look forward to after this.

In season 7, Rory is in her final year at Yale. Her current (and probably last) boyfriend is Logan who also went to Yale but graduated earlier than her. I never liked this Logan dude. He is so not her type. I'd rather see her with Jess or Dean. Logan is the son of some rich dude named Huntzberger and she lives in his apartment during her final semester at Yale. Logan moved to London to work there and they had this long-distance relationship which surprisingly worked out well. Apparently Logan is so rich, he just flew back to and fro between London & New York at a moment's notice just to be with Rory on weekends and holiday which kinda disgusts me. Towards the end, Logan's business collapsed and he eventually returned to America but quickly goes into a little meltdown in Vegas. Rory being the kind girl that she is, stood up with Logan but broke up with him anyway shortly after her graduation from Yale when he asked her to marry him and move with him to California. Not long after graduation Rory got a job at an online news company going on a nationwide tour behind Barack Obama's presidential campaign trail.

Lorelai (Roray's mom) had a little less luck in her love life though. At the beginning of the season, she and Luke (of Luke's Diner) were a couple but after some time Lorelai started pushing Luke for an engagement to which Luke wasn't prepared to do yet. So one day after a fight, Lorelai went to find Christopher (Rory's dad) and end up sleeping with him. Lorelai and Luke broke up when she eventually told him about the incident. After that Lorelai and Chris became an item again and Chris became an instant millionaire when his grandma left all her inheritance to him (so typical). She paid for Rory's Yale fees and took Lorelai for a trip to Paris where they end up getting married. When they came back, Christopher moved in together to live with Lorelai but he had a tough time trying to blend in and get the approval from the folks at Stars Hollow (who'd rather see Luke and Lorelai together). Unable to forget her lingering feelings for Luke, Lorelai and Chris ultimately separated and broke up.

As for other characters in the series, Sookie got pregnant with her 3rd child but was mad at Jackson for not going for a vasectomy which resulted with her being pregnant again. Rory's best friend Kim got married to Zack (from her band) and she got pregnant with twins which freaks her out at first but they got over it eventually. Zack works as a waiter at Luke's diner for some time before getting invited to play the lead guitarist of a famous band and going on a 2 months tour which she had to leave Kim and their sons behind. Apparently just being a waiter in the U.S you can afford to rent a fully furnished house complete with kitchen cabinet and everything and fed 2 very young twins and her mother. Me, I worked for 6 years and still cannot afford a proper gas stove with oven! Make me wanna move to America this instant. Rory's other good friend Paris, graduated together with Rory and her current boyfriend is Doyle (Rory's former editor at Yale Newspaper). Paris got offers from like all the medical school she applied for (Harvard, Yale, Princeton) and had a tough time choosing one.

The season ends with the farewell party for Rory held in the middle on the town center under the pouring rain where the entire town turned up to organize and participate (even Rory's grandparent turned up for the event). In the evening, after being told how Luke took the trouble to organize the entire party almost all by himself, Lorelai felt really overwhelmed by his kind gesture and they end up embracing and being together again. And that's how the show ends. A bit dull perhaps? I thought so too. It's kind of a happy ending but I'd expected more from the producers of one of my favourite TV show.