2 May 2009

Another day and another visit to the Kota Bharu Hospital (or it's official name Raja Perempuan Zainab II Hospital). But coming here is not an option, it's am obligation. Yes this picture below shows how bored I am. I even have time to camwhore in the hospital corridors.

If I get sick and got admitted to a hospital, I'd like people to come visit me too. For friends and acquaintances, once would be enough. For close family members, 2-3 times a month would be sufficient. Any more than that would be too much. But let's hope that I or any of us for that matter would be staying at a hospital any time soon.

This is basically what they serve in a government hospital for lunch and dinner. If I ever get admitted here, I would loose another 10 kilos easily in a week. The banana looks tempting but the rest, I'm not going to comment about them.

Earlier this morning we went to a little store called Zon Ria in Pasir Mas. We have Zon Ria everywhere here in Kelantan. They sell really cheap clothes and stuff imported mostly from Thailand and China. I got myself a Levi's imitation jeans for RM16.00. Too bad I didn't find one that is my size exactly (36-38) so I had to settle with size 40 which is definitely much too big for me. Linda was a lot luckier. She got herself a dress that had the same colour as this hospital curtains here :)

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